Listen To Me on Coralyn Jewel’s “Hankie Pankie Podcast”

Well, I can proudly declare that my appearance on Coralyn Jewel’s Hankie Pankie Podcast is now ‘up.’ You can access it by going here. And as Chris and I just had the supreme pleasure of interviewing Coralyn for our podcast (and yes, I will let you know when that episode goes ‘up’) I guess today we are crushing (as the kids say) on all things Coralyn Jewel.

As Chris and I have said on now too many occasions to name, our show is made all that much better when we get a guest on who truly gives good podcast; and Coralyn did just that for us. I only hope I did that for her. I won’t give too much away of our near hour talk with the lady (nor what I talked about in her show), but we discussed professional figure skating (Coralyn was a professional figure skater), her work in the adult field, her organizing swinger’s parties and weddings, and so so much more. Most importantly, we all shared in our feelings of sexual freedom and how now more than ever, it is so vital that we all feel safe and happy just being us.

The good (if you happen to be like Coralyn, Chris, and I and like so many people we have encountered in ‘the biz) or bad (if you happen just to be a stone-cold meanie) is that the adult business world is such a small one (not only Walt Disney had the franchise on that). As Coralyn agreed, and Chris and I have always been vigilant in conveying, we ‘workers in adult’ need to be mindful that one person we may come in contact with might very well know another we knew from way back. Then maybe that person knows…well, you get the picture. The ‘never burn a bridge,’ ‘ if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all’ axioms so ring true in this regard, and was something the three of us reiterated. But I dare say, this idea, of more or less treating people nice, conducting yourself with a smidgen of empathy, can be applied to all aspects of life, not just when working in the adult industry.

So we thank Coralyn Jewel as much for coming on our show as for having me on hers (again, you can find her Hankie Pankie podcast here) as for reminding us all to…BE NICE!

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