Episode #28: Diving Deep into the Wild, Wooly, and Oh-So-Wonderful World of Coralyn Jewel

and I speak to people, and especially surfaced talked with Coralyn, is how very small the adult business world is. Chris and I have found this often in the smut writing community, where somebody knows somebody else who we know too. And in the adult business, as we discussed with Coralyn, this ‘better-not-burn-a-bridge’ very small world idea is true as well. I would postulate that this is true for other businesses as well, but then I’d say this is true for the world in general…especially with social media keeping us ever closer.

Listen To Me on Coralyn Jewel’s “Hankie Pankie Podcast”

Well, I can proudly declare that my appearance on Coralyn Jewel’s Hankie Pankie Podcast is now ‘up.’ You can access it by going here. And as Chris and I just had the supreme pleasure of interviewing Coralyn for our podcast (and yes, I will let you know when that episode goes ‘up’) I guess today we are crushing (as the kids say) on all things Coralyn Jewel.