The Nobilis Podcast & Erotica For All

Chris and I have some new writings we want to let you know about…more preciously to brag about. First, my wonderful partner in crime and sprinkly cream donuts.  M.Christian, otherwise known as Chris to his buddies (so you have to keep calling him M. Christian or Sir, Supreme Slayer Of The Written Word, He-Who’s- Appendage-Is-As-Fulleth-Of-Girth-As-It-Is-Beauteous-To-Behold-As-Well-As-To-Do-Other-Sundry-Things-With/To),Continue reading “The Nobilis Podcast & Erotica For All”

Episode #24 Now Live: Speaking with Amanda Wilson of #Open

Once again Chris and I dive deeply into the warm open waters of ethical non-monogamy dating via the wonderful #open group. In our episode #15, we spoke with sex, kink, relationship educator and coach, director of operations & communications at hasgtag open, Sarah Sloane, about the dating app. We learned what they were about, howContinue reading “Episode #24 Now Live: Speaking with Amanda Wilson of #Open”

Chris and Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey…Again

You got to love you some Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey. Chris and I certainly do. The wonderful educator, writer, speaker, sex & intimacy coach, and podcaster recently had Chris on her Erotic Library Podcast again. The splendiferous Dr. BB has read Chris’s stories and has had him on her show for a nice long sit-downContinue reading “Chris and Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey…Again”

Adult Site Broker Talk features Ralph Greco, Jr. in its latest episode

I am only glad I could be such an interesting guest. Conversely though, unless the interviewer is on the ball, cares about his or her subject, and is interesting themselves, one could have the most incredible guest sitting across from them, and the interview will be a bust. It takes an exceptional talent to draw people into your confidence, get them speaking about themselves (something I am not comfortable AT ALL doing), and still create an exchange that people will want to listen to.

The Wonderful Coralyn Jewel and The Hankie Pankie Podcast

As both Chris and I have learned, we’ve found the very best people working in the adult business world; Corayln Jewel is undoubtedly one of these folks. A mother of two, author of an #1 International Best-Seller, adult performer, retired competitive athlete, porn director, swinger club owner, fitness trainer, wedding planner, talent manager, voice-over actress, lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, and podcast host, she is a smiling, honest, and-oh-so humble interviewer just thrilled to pull up a mike and have a jaw with a guest.

Perfect Fit Makes Us Consider Well The Lube…As We All Always Should

I received a package from the Perfect Fit Brand company this week. It contained their “Xplay Finger Grip Plug Starter Kit, Plug #1, #2, and #3,” a number 4 plug, and a number 5. As you see from the picture that tops this blog, those plugs increase in size, with #5 the Mac Daddy of them all.

OnlyFans Hacked?

We know a good amount of past guests, friends, and distant acquaintances who use and enjoy a good revenue stream from OnlyFans. And although the site is denying it has been officially hacked, it seems some cybercriminals “purchased, compiled and then illegally hosted content” right after photos of celebrities (Bella Thorne among them) was leaked.

Something Worth Saying Beyond What’s Said?

I know words like cross-promotion, synergy, branding are ubiquitous on the business landscape these days. But there is also a fine line between reporting about your doings and being an egotist. This is why Chris and I tend to like to keep this blog about Licking Non-Vanilla podcast episodes (go here and here to hearContinue reading “Something Worth Saying Beyond What’s Said?”

Episode #23-Erotic Geekdom

Yes, we ‘Geek Out’ again on the podcast, as Chris and I often do.  As much as being erotica writers Chris and I write genre fiction, much of it, science fiction. So, here we go again on Licking Non- Vanilla, talking about 60’s & 70’s sci-fi fantasy TV shows, and movies. Fans of Gerry andContinue reading “Episode #23-Erotic Geekdom”

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