Oh, that wacky Olympic wardrobe

I just figure, if an athlete feels they can do their best wearing this or that, whether it is revealing or not, let them have at it. And if you are of a mind (see: perversion) to peek or salivate over a body in a tight body suit or shorts, I say enjoy yourself, just as long as that enjoying is being done in the privacy of your own home.

Episode #28: Diving Deep into the Wild, Wooly, and Oh-So-Wonderful World of Coralyn Jewel

and I speak to people, and especially surfaced talked with Coralyn, is how very small the adult business world is. Chris and I have found this often in the smut writing community, where somebody knows somebody else who we know too. And in the adult business, as we discussed with Coralyn, this ‘better-not-burn-a-bridge’ very small world idea is true as well. I would postulate that this is true for other businesses as well, but then I’d say this is true for the world in general…especially with social media keeping us ever closer.

M. Christian Teaches “Clothespins: The Kinky Wondertoy” for Sadovarius

I know from first-hand experience that Christian knows well of what he speaks, and of that, he speaks (and demonstrates it well). He is also a stickler for safety, and while clothespins are not as dangerous to use as, say, a single-tail whip or a TENS unit, when you attend one of Chris’s classes, either in person or virtually, you get the full gambit of facts and practical application of whatever kinky idea or instrument he is pursuing.
You really are in the very best hands here with M. Christian teaching a kink class.

Dave Lampert, R.I.P

As we are all so busy with our everyday bullshit, you might have missed the fact that Dave Lampert died. Who is Dave Lampert, you ask? Well, he’s the creator of the Sybian sex machine.If you have never listened or watched Howard Stern or have yet to scour the net for women experiencing mind-blowing orgasmsContinue reading “Dave Lampert, R.I.P”

Episode #27: Chris and Ralph ‘swing’ with Christian from Eden After Dark

Episode #27, Chris and I have a good old chinwag with Christian (yes, it was a little hard keeping the ‘Chris’s’ straight, at first, for my pea-brain!) from the group Eden After Dark. What we found out from the Las Vegas-based swing/lifestyle event producer, was that he runs his Eden group with an eye on people getting together for whatever reason, paying special attention to LGTQ and bi-men (bi men, a group that is particularly marginalized in Christian’s experience.)

What’s In A Name…Ringo?

Not that Sir Ringo Starr is not famous enough (and if you don’t know Ringo was the drummer for the Beatles as well as he is a solo hit songwriter/singer/musician, I can’t much help you with much of anything really) the 80-year-old world-famous musician, just dropped his legal case against a company that makes the “Ring O,” cock ring.

Listen To Me on Coralyn Jewel’s “Hankie Pankie Podcast”

Well, I can proudly declare that my appearance on Coralyn Jewel’s Hankie Pankie Podcast is now ‘up.’ You can access it by going here. And as Chris and I just had the supreme pleasure of interviewing Coralyn for our podcast (and yes, I will let you know when that episode goes ‘up’) I guess today we are crushing (as the kids say) on all things Coralyn Jewel.

A Cautionary Tale From @sydneysomethin

owever, it seems that a sex worker who calls herself @sydneysomethin got herself in some unwanted trouble while attempting to post another of her instructional sex videos this week. Across a TikTok video that has now gone rabid (see here), the young woman can be seen being extricated from a metal chair she stuck herself into when attempting to explore the ‘stuck’ kink. Ann Arbor’s finest tried to get the lady free first with bolt cutters but had to resort to the ‘Jaws of Life finally.’

Episode #26: How To Make Naughty Drawings with Jay Moyes

In this blog, a few weeks back, I mentioned illustrator Jay E. Moyes and how Christian and I had had a grand old time speaking with him on the podcast. Well, you can go here to our episode #26, “How To Make Naughty Drawings With Jay Moyes,” to hear all about it.There is a lotContinue reading “Episode #26: How To Make Naughty Drawings with Jay Moyes”

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