eBay Is Coming For Your Porn

Did you know that as of yesterday, massive upscale garage sale site eBay removed their “Adult Only” category? Under new policy, sellers aren’t allowed to list “items containing nudity and displays of sexual activitys” on eBay. Exceptions here include more mainstream titles, like PlayboyMayfair, and Penthouse, and BUTT, just as long as what’s listed contains no nude image (I’m guessing that means no nude image in the eBay advert). This new policy could effectively wipe porn and erotica (and for now, let’s not debate which is which, ok?) from one of the world’s most profitable virtual storefronts.

Profitable for both eBay and porn/erotica sellers and creators.

eBay is simply following similar changes made on Tumblr three years ago (it was a sad day indeed when Tumblr restricted its adult content), Patreon, and plenty of other websites. If you read my interview with David Epstein of Hastag Open and listen to our episode #24 where Chris and I speak to his partner Amanda Wilson you will learn how Facebook imparts its specific, and hard to define, restrictions on adult material. And #open is NOT even a creator of porn. And from direct personal experience, I know that PayPal has no problem shutting down accounts over a user traipsing across what they call their ”sexually oriented goods” policy.

As we can all easily postulate, restrictions on eBay or any other place primarily come from money concerns…as most everything we encounter in the modern world. Although eBay is staying mute, so far, to the reason behind the recent change, most likely, they are responding to some concern from advertisers, payment processors, and credit card companies…in other words, their revenue sources. But as well also well know, lots of these groups are influenced by organizations like Exodus Cry and other anti-porn, certainly anti-alternate lifestyle crusaders.

Whatever the reason, this new eBay ban hits collectors of vintage erotica, creators of new straight and queer naughty stuff, and just the casual fan who might be looking for a Hustler from the mid ’70s.  

A Cautionary Tale From @sydneysomethin

Haven’t your crusty old uncles Chris and Ralph always told you to play safe? When whipping out the dildo, don’t we always caution, you can never have enough lube? Haven’t we said time and again, if you are going to get into some ass swatting, only ever aim for the fleshy ‘seat’ area of your intended, well below their tail bone and above their upper thighs? Don’t we strongly, STRONGLY caution so much against robe bondage that we both declare…DON’T USE ROPE IN BONDAGE PLAY! To play your kinky games safe enough to play them another day is always what we are after, what any sane kinkster would advise, and luckily, what Chris and I have witnessed in dungeons, play spaces, and bedrooms across this great land of ours. People are generally smart when it comes to their kinks.

And this is a good thing.

However, it seems that a sex worker who calls herself @sydneysomethin got herself in some unwanted trouble while attempting to post another of her instructional sex videos this week. Across a TikTok video that has now gone rabid (see here), the young woman can be seen being extricated from a metal chair she stuck herself into when attempting to explore the ‘stuck’ kink. Ann Arbor’s finest tried to get the lady free first with bolt cutters but had to resort to the ‘Jaws of Life finally.’

Thankfully Sydney was not injured. And she had this to say about the ordeal:

“It was embarrassing, but probably the best stuck video I’ve ever made.”

We can make light about this particular happenstance. The reality, though, when exploring non-vanilla sexual activities, alone or with a partner, can be slightly more serious.

Whether trying something first solo in the privacy of your home—getting a feel for how much you want to be swatted by spanking yourself with different sized wooden spoons or dressing-up to model some naughty outfit in the mirror—with a partner you have not yet played with or in space new to you, please be careful, communicate what you want (if this is not a solo endeavor) well beforehand, during and after and if you have even the smallest kernel of doubt…stop what you are doing. 

We don’t always have good-natured firemen around to help.

Episode #26: How To Make Naughty Drawings with Jay Moyes

In this blog, a few weeks back, I mentioned illustrator Jay E. Moyes and how Christian and I had had a grand old time speaking with him on the podcast. Well, you can go here to our episode #26, “How To Make Naughty Drawings With Jay Moyes,” to hear all about it.
There is a lot more to erotica than what you read (and you should be reading M Christian and Ralph Greco, Jr. when it comes to the best smut available). There are, of course, plenty of movies, either of an ‘older’ variety; titles like “Sex and Lucia,” “Last Tango in Paris,” “9 ½ Weeks” and “Secretary,” come to mind, and a ‘newer’ bunch of downloads you can find anywhere. And there is even Japanese animation, lots of which packs quite the naughty wallop.
But then there are naughty illustrations of the kind fantastically talented artists like Jay manage (which you can see here).
When first reaching out to Jay, I didn’t know that he and Chris knew one another and had actually spent time together on a romp through L.A. some years back. Yes, the naughty world is a small world, just like Walt Disney imagined (really, what do you think those little robotic figurines are doing on that “It’s A Small World” ride at night when the parks are closed? Orgy, I tell you, orgy!)
But back to what you are going to hear when you log into our gabfest with Jay Moyes. Jay gives us his background; we talk all manner of how and why he does what he does, and as good geeks would, Chris and I ask Jay to explore with us the whys and wherefores connection between science fiction and erotica.
Jay is a smart guy; his answer to this conundrum is fascinating.
Look, we knew Jay would be a great guest, but he proved it far beyond our expectations. Please listen to episode #26, and please go seek out Jay Moyes’ work. You’ll be glad you did.
Thanks, Jay.


Despite the yawping I do for this blog or how Chris and I can talk a blue streak on the podcast, I’m not very good at promoting myself. So, if I come to tell you about some new piece of writing I have up somewhere, it’s usually to recognize the place where it’s been posted and not so I can pat myself on the back. Or, something I wrote and had published might lead me to make a point about kink, sexuality, or human interaction, the overall dripping wet umbrella of sex-positivity, the very meat-and-taters at the heart of Licking Non-Vanilla (which you can find here, here, and here.

The good people at the eroticaforall website just published my How Recognizing The Fine Line Of Age-Play Reveals How Very Healthy You Are. In this piece, I postulate that not only are kinksters some of the healthiest folks I have ever met but that they understand better than most the line between fantasy and reality.

And that specific line I am considering in my piece here is ‘age-play.’

Chris and I see this all the time at kink conventions; if you have even tickled your eyes over some erotica; if you like to dress-up from time to time in clothes that are typically for a person of a different age than you (diapers, for instance) or you like calling your lover “mommy,” “daddy,” or “bad little boy (girl),” then you know of what I speak. But for the non-kinkster or those men and women looking to damn any sexual expression beyond procreation, quite frankly, age-play scares people to death.

The assumption from those not in the know and looking for the significantly worse in us all at all times is that men and women who play at being different (and usually younger) ages in their sex gaming are turned on by the idea of incest or sex with children. This isn’t true, of course, as the age-player is an adult, is playing with an adult, and realizes as much as does their partner that this play-acting a different age is all pretending. This kind of sexual play doesn’t mean much more than being present at the moment to get maybe dressed in a diaper or pretended to scolded by the school librarian for not returning one’s book in time.

Get it?

Read my piece here; it might give you more insight ( also put out a book that at some of this kink at its heart…see here (and the picture attached). But remember, that which you fantasize about, no matter what it is you fantasize about, if you make that fantasy into reality with another consenting adult, your pretty much acting responsibly and are not, in any way, sick depraved, or wanting to engage in illegal activity.

An Award Show We Can Get Behind: The 2021 XBIZ CAM Awards

I’m overloaded, dejected and frankly, exhausted with all that Hollywood and that the music community inflicts upon us in their yearly round of back-slapping award shows. This year they especially offered such a diminished experience, in their weak attempts at engagement via virtual presentation; if I have to suffer through another blog about another red carpet celebrity fest, I may just puke! To say then that the 2021 XBIZ Cam Awards was a breath of fresh air would be the understatement of the past lockdown year!

Honoring adult business creators working in the cam space (and talk about a year we all probably needed our cam performers!) XBIZ even expanded this year’s award reach, most notably in how they paid even closer attention to Premium Social Media categories. I am not technology per se; I applaud anyone anywhere wanting to ply whatever be their services or trade-in anyway they wish. But XBIZ has this down, knowing enough to delineate an award show just to cam performers, and not try to fit the proverbial square peg into a round hole like Hollywood did in virtue casting their faux social distancing solidarity with hybrid broadcasts of diminishing returns.

Sorry, enough of my squawking. Onto who won what at the live broadcast from XBIZ Awards held last night, hosted by Reya Sunshine and SureCakes and emceed by AstroDomina. 

Best Female Cam Model went to Brielle Day, Best Male Cam Model Maximus787. Best Fetish Cam Model winner was FeetGoddesss. Best Cosplay Cam Model Chrissy LeBlanc, Best BBW Cam Model Christina Castalia, Best MILF Cam Model Lacey Bender, and Best Trans Cam Model Casey Kisses. Best Cam Model Duo went to Pablo Cortés & Sebas Cortés, while the Rising Cam Star winner was Oh_girl Alice. Best Female Clip Artist was Eva Elfie, Best Male Clip Artist Thor Johnson, and Best Fetish Clip Artist was Countess Jezebeth. The Best Cosplay Clip Artist was Purple Bitch, Best BBW Clip Artist Gwen Adora, and lastly, but certainly not least-ly in the solo clip category was stunner Best MILF Clip Artist Penny Barber.

In my ‘research,’ for all Chris and I do for you here at Licking Non-Vanilla (and you can hear LNV here and here, to name a few of the platforms that broadcast the show), I can state unequivocally that the sunning Ms. Barber delivers naughty content that will take your breath away (yes, that’s Penny in the picture up above). No matter your particular needs, Penny Barber is a lady you should seek out. (Do so here).

Then there was Best Trans Clip Artist Emma Rose. Best Clip Artist Duo Jack & Jill, Rising Clip Star Taylor Noir, Best Female Premium Social Media Star Savannah Solo, and Best Male Premium Social Media Star Reno Gold. Best BBW Premium Social Media Star went to Romi Chase, Best MILF Premium Social Media Star Sara Jay, and the Best Trans Premium Social Media Star winner was Yasmin Lee.

Yasmin appeared in the mainstream movie, “The Hangover, Part II.” 

And Cubbi Thompson won for Rising Premium Social Media Star.

Go seek out the performers above, you will be glad you did. And tell them Licking Non-Vanilla sent you.

photo credit: Penny Barber

So, So Close To The Cock…

The old ‘wardrobe malfunction’ has plagued so many celebrities. Whether it’s a quick vagina slip or yet another Britney Spears’ Vegas stage costume ripping, in all the latex, lace, leather and pretty much barely-there-to-begin-with costuming and wardrobe celebrities wear, be it intended or not (and if intended, it wouldn’t technically be a malfunction now, would it?) we see lots of skin sneaking through the clothes our best and brightest wear.

With malfunctions usually happening with female celebrities, we don’t get many opportunities to see a cock and balls unfurled or bouncing free. Still, we all almost got the chance this past Saturday, during Saturday Night Live’s 46th season finale. Rapper Lil Nas X was on stage for his first song performance the night (musical guests usually get two shots on the SNL stage…although there has been rare occasion when they go more or did not precisely follow the one song earlier in the show/another later schedule; can you name the performers who have broken this SNL protocol?)

What happened with Lil Nas was, during his sexy all-male revue of shirtless dancers around him, dancing while he sang his already controversial “Montero (Call Me By Your Name),” the rapper backed up to the stripper pole on a platform behind him. Just about as Lil Nas X began his gyrations against the pole, the front of his leather pants ripper.

Catching the sure breeze and smiling through the mishap, the Georgia-raised singer finished the song, leaning against the pole, one hand in his crotch, one holding the mike he was singing into.

Damn, we almost got to see cock!

As a hetero guy, I am not really all that interested in seeing any man’s bate-and-tackle. I don’t shield my eyes or run away in horror (hard to do when you write erotic and porn like Chris and I do or visit kink dungeons on occasion), but it’s not something I am looking for regularly. Really. need I a fix of cock and balls I just have to look down. But I like the idea that we were almost flashed male genitalia on network TV. Just look at the outrage that ensued from the reveal of Janet Jackson’s nipple way back when during Superbowl halftime? Imagine what would have happened had Lil Nas X’s ‘lil nas got its very own screen time?!

At the very least, it might have finally made SNL worth watching…

Let’s hope our Licking Non-Vanilla show is worth listening to. You can hear us here, here and here.

Sex & Sci-Fi

As we have been talking about for a few weeks now, ever since our producer found and started recording the show through a new interface, Chris and I have been consistently reminded of the iconic Thunderbirds TV show. This famous 60’s British super keen sci-fi adventure show featured marionettes and miniatures (yes, you read that right) as well as a ‘count down’ opening sequence (see here), and every time we get ready to record another sex-positive hour of news, opinion, interview, and moaning, Chris and I see big numbers come up on our screens counting down to when the interface begins to record.

Being the super-geeks, we are, of what else could Chris and I be reminded?

In speaking to Jay Moyes last week (although we recorded the show, we have yet to post; don’t worry, I’ll let you know when we do), I posed a question that Chris and I (and Jay) all pretty much know the answer to, but always seems to get people wondering: Why is science-fiction sex so often related? Jay offered a very good answer to this, what Chris and I believe actually, but gave some great examples we either had not considered and even some we did not know.

That’s what I have always loved so much about hanging out with science fiction fans. I always learn about stuff I have yet to delve into, even when I have delved into a lot. As much as two science-fiction lovers can sit and discuss all manner of props, actors, the minutiae of a show’s backstory, so Chris and I, and we realized Jay, could opine over the gooey specifics of how/where and most importantly, why sci-fi and sex are such comfy bedfellows.

I could list the many places to find this marriage, either subtle or blatant. And as Jay educated us, I could tie the sex/sci-fi connection in a neat bow with lots of examples. But Chris and I, and I am sure Jay as well, would be happy if you start looking on your own little lonesome; there is such great stuff out there, of the new and the old, in film, literature, painting, anime of how good old fucking, sucking and lots of kinks were either influenced by or influenced the naughty stuff you have seen, read or heard.

Happy hunting, it is well worth it, I assure you.

“Careful With That Butt Plug, Eugene”: Episode # 25, Talking To Steve Callow of Perfect Fit

Don’t feel bad if you don’t get what I am referencing at the beginning of the title of this blog. Way back when Pink Floyd released a song called “Careful With That Axe, Eugene (see the video here). I cleverly (if I do say myself) added my paraphrasing here to tell you about our hearty, full-episode gab with Steve Callow, the SEO and inventor of/from The Perfect Fit Brand Inc. Steve Callow has been an industry leader in sexual health and wellness for nearly eight years, receiving over 50 award nominations, five product of the year awards, and two “Company of the Year” awards. Through Perfect Fit, he has created some of the most innovative, ‘perfectly fitting,’ sex aides and toys, influencing a whole generation of adult companies and aiding in the bedroom fun for people playing with themselves and with their partner, from every gender and orientation.

Steve was a wealth of information, as you will hear when you go here and here. He was also a fun guy to talk with, has a solid matter-of-fact sense about what he does, and waxed philosophic when it came to the idea of sex play and even bandied about with Chris and me how using the phrase ‘sex toy’ is as good as it is bad playing with people’s perceptions of all Steve has to offer.

I got turned on to Perfect Fit and Steve when they sent over their new anal plug beginner set, their “Xplay Finger Grip Plug Starter Kit,” and some uniquely designed “Wrap Ring,” cock rings. That anal plug of the Xplay set features a finger grip that speaks to Steve’s consistent commitment to making his products as safe for couple play as for people just playing by themselves (see the picture I have included above).

Stop by the Perfect Fit store to see what they are all about, and please listen to our chat with Steve.

Open up and say “ANAL” everybody, with Steve Callow’s products, you’ll be glad that you did.

Speaking To Jay E. Moyes Reminds Us Of What A Small World It Really Is

I just published this interview with the great fetish artist Jay E. Moyes at my SEX FILES column at the shortandsweetnyc site (as well as on their L.A. site). And as much as I like bragging about all Chris and I get up to, the reason I am alerting you to the above is that we are going to talk to Jay this very week, record the episode, and get the show up and running as soon as we can.

In what Chris revealed to me last week when we were going through the guests we hope to get on for upcoming episodes, he mentioned a trip and visit he had way back when with Jay. Now certainly, Chris has been writing erotica and was active in the San Francisco scene a good decade before I was (although it’s not that Chris is that much older than me, it’s just that he was one of those guys who was more adventurous from an early age, unlike me who took a little longer to come around) and knows lots of folks. But as I have found with my fellow erotic artists, film producers, adult performers, kink organizers, dominas, and writers, our world is a small one indeed.

But then I realize this is probably true for all of us, right? No matter what your profession might be, the hobby you take to, an interest you might share with a few others, haven’t you found time, and again, that you often come to slap your forehead when meeting somebody as you realize that you both know some guy or gal or that you have heard of one another through a third party? And with social media, the world has been made even smaller, albeit we might not ever meet the people we are acquainted with.

I like this idea. I like meeting new people, hearing about somebody or they me, and finally hooking up with them either across an email or bumping into them in person (something I am so looking forward to doing again, whenever the fear lifts). I certainly loved getting to know Jay, and I know you will too.

Just remember it’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it, as Steven Wright says.

Listen to Licking Non-Vanilla here, here, and here.

The Nobilis Podcast & Erotica For All

Chris and I have some new writings we want to let you know about…more preciously to brag about.

First, my wonderful partner in crime and sprinkly cream donuts. 

M.Christian, otherwise known as Chris to his buddies (so you have to keep calling him M. Christian or Sir, Supreme Slayer Of The Written Word, He-Who’s- Appendage-Is-As-Fulleth-Of-Girth-As-It-Is-Beauteous-To-Behold-As-Well-As-To-Do-Other-Sundry-Things-With/To), has a new story, “Koi No Yokan” up at The Nobilis Podcast. Chris’s story, is a “is a multisexual tale of two super-intelligent quantum systems,” read for episode 455 of this, the “most prolific erotica podcast in the known Universe.” 

You do well to listen to Chris’s story being read here

I have writing of a print nature to tell you about, just posted, as well.

On the Erotica For All website, an excellent resource for readers/writers…really anybody into erotica, I managed to sneak a guest post into all the other fantastic content they post. You can access my “Non-Traditional Fem Dom” article, plus read an excerpt from my most recently released book, No Whip, No Problem, by going here.

As Chris and I have made clear on our podcast, as well in our everyday walking around shooting-the-shit-with-people lives, we are ever so absolutely thrilled for opportunities like those above and so many more of which we have participated. The good people who spend their time posting our content, creating audio files from our stories, reaching out to writers, maintaining relationships with so many folks, and allowing for writers like Chris and me such incredible attention, humbles us, truly.

And believe me, it’s not just Chris’s story or my post you should visit these sites for. There is much good stuff at both Erotica For All and Nobilis Erotica; you won’t get out without getting off on reams and reams of gooey good content.

Enjoy and tell them Chris and I sent you.

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