Adult Site Broker Talk features Ralph Greco, Jr. in its latest episode

I mentioned a few blogs back that the wonderful Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker had been kind enough to have me on his podcast, Adult Site Broker Talk. That show is ‘up’ now and Bruce was kind enough to send our press releases about it; see one here, at XBIZ.

Connecting with me from his home city of Pattaya, Thailand (man, this interweb thingie the kids are on is truly amazing, huh?) Bruce and I jawed a good hour or so about ‘the biz’ of the adult business while he kept nudging the conversation around to yours truly. Man, was I ever flattered!

As Bruce says here and here in his P.R. released about the show with me: “Talking to Ralph was very interesting. He’s been in our business for a long time and has had some interesting experiences”.

I am only glad I could be such an interesting guest. Conversely though, unless the interviewer is on the ball, cares about his or her subject, and is interesting themselves, one could have the most incredible guest sitting across from them, and the interview will be a bust. It takes an exceptional talent to draw people into your confidence, get them speaking about themselves (something I am not comfortable AT ALL doing), and still create an exchange that people will want to listen to.

Bruce did this with me and continues to this with all the guests he has on his podcast.

Bruce’s Adult Site Broker brokers websites and companies in the adult space, helping sellers and buyers get together to work out equitable deals. They also just started an affiliate program, ASB Cash, . For more information, to find out how to sell or buy a website, to join their affiliate program, or just to  get yourself into the business with people who care about the business and will equally care about your needs, you can contact or E-mail Bruce@

Thank you so much, Bruce, for having me on your show.

The Wonderful Coralyn Jewel and The Hankie Pankie Podcast

As we all are well aware these days, pretty much everybody you meet has a podcast. Sifting through the one’s worth listening to that might tickle your particular tastes takes time and have you a particular prurient interest; finding just the right naughty one (or ones) that tickle you takes an even deeper dive (“that’s what she said”). Chris and I try our best to deliver good old smutty online talk, as much as we scour sites and exploit connections for guests we want to have on our show (Chris appears regularly at Dr. Amy Marsh’s Love’s Outer Limits).

We are also damn well open to accepting invites to be on other people’s shows.

I was lucky just the other day to be invited on Coralyn Jewel’s “The Hankie Pankie Podcast” and a better podcast host and fun, flirty sex-positive broadcast you are not going to find.

Coralyn Jewel #1 International Best Seller

As both Chris and I have learned, we’ve found the very best people working in the adult business world; Corayln Jewel is undoubtedly one of these folks. A mother of two, author of an #1 International Best-Seller, adult performer, retired competitive athlete, porn director, swinger club owner, fitness trainer, wedding planner, talent manager, voice-over actress, lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, and podcast host, she is a smiling, honest, and-oh-so humble interviewer just thrilled to pull up a mike and have a jaw with a guest.

I couldn’t have been more comfortable and delighted during our half-hour + conversation as the sexy and smart lady (or is that smart and sexy?) led me through my history in the business, my growing up and family, and sharing with me her history. We also commiserated on the state of current cultural mores and pretty much came to a conclusion that, in the end, if we all strived to be a little nicer to one another, the world we be such a better place!

I can’t impress upon you what a good conversation we had and how much I am dying to get Coralyn on Licking Non-Vanilla. (She told me my episode on Hankie Pankie will air sometime in July; Chris and I plan on having Coralyn on sometime next month.)

Below are all the various places you can find the wonderful Corayln. As I mentioned, you’ll be hearing about her again through this blog and when we have her on our show. Thank you, Coralyn, you are the bee’s knees, for sure!

Perfect Fit Makes Us Consider Well The Lube…As We All Always Should

Don’t Chris and I always warn about using lube? To use more and more of it than you ever think you need? That when it comes to anal play (especially), lube should be as much a constant companion as the person you might be playing with?

I received a package from the Perfect Fit company this week. It contained their “Xplay Finger Grip Plug Starter Kit, Plug #1, #2, and #3,” a number 4 plug, and a number 5. As you see from the picture that tops this blog, those plugs increase in size, with #5 the Mac Daddy of them all. What’s great about this Perfect Fit stuff is that the ‘finger grip’ at the end of each plug makes the plug perfectly safe for solo play, as well as when things get hot and heavy with a partner, and you or they need easy removal access. This, I must say, is a very important extra this plug has that many others do not.

Lots of time and thought went into these plug’s designs, and they are made of only the safest materials. Check out the rest of the stuff Perfect Fit makes, here.

The company also sent me two ‘mix 3 pack’ of different sized Wrap Ring, a cock ring sling-type of item that wraps more than once (better than the usual cock ring) made of silicone.

Man, all these goodies….I really do love my job.

Back to the lube and plugs, though. 

These babies from Perfect Fit really do look sturdy (or should I say ‘formidable’), and that sparks to mind the first sentence of this blog, what Chris and I warn during our kink classes all the time, and even what our announcer intones at the beginning of each Licking Non-Vanilla broadcast (a broadcast you can hear here and here, among other places): Consider well the lube.

OnlyFans Hacked?

We know a good amount of past guests, friends, and distant acquaintances who use and enjoy a good revenue stream from OnlyFans. And although the site is denying it has been officially hacked, it seems some cybercriminals “purchased, compiled and then illegally hosted content” right after photos of celebrities (Bella Thorne among them) was leaked.
A security company called BackChannel claims that a link to a Google Drive folder was shared across a hacker forum. That file supposedly contained content folders from 279 OnlyFan creators, with BackChannel believing the content was initially uploaded last year in October. It is also thought that the file was created by more than one hacker and originally shared from a City College of San Francisco account.
OnlyFans released a statement that said, in part, “…content protection is a top priority, and OnlyFans has a dedicated anti-piracy team that provides legal DMCA support to issue takedowns on behalf of the creators’. ‘It is a violation of our Terms of Service to copy, duplicate or record user content, and DMCA law protects creator content being published without proper permissions. This procedure is inclusive of all required notices to move any infringement up to litigation if target websites refuse to comply.”
As we see with lots of Internet stealing, the damage is already done well after the hack. We might all well remember the swatch of private celebrity pics stolen then posted a few years back. This included intimate shots shared across the net of people like Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence just to name a few. And before that, there was the seemingly epidemic sex videotape leaking (purposeful or not). Even when one thinks they might be safe behind a paywall on a reputed site, one must realize that whatever one posts or puts up digitally in some way is always in danger of being found and shared.
It is the way of the world.

Chris and I welcome you to find and share our podcast episodes. Find them on YouTube, PlayerFM, RedCircle, and Apple Podcasts.

Something Worth Saying Beyond What’s Said?

I know words like cross-promotion, synergy, branding are ubiquitous on the business landscape these days. But there is also a fine line between reporting about your doings and being an egotist. This is why Chris and I tend to like to keep this blog about Licking Non-Vanilla podcast episodes (go here and here to hear then), what our guests might be getting into, and the occasional new naughty book he or I have managed to put out.

Really, we do enough gabbing about ourselves on the show.

We try not to overdo it. Not because we don’t like to talk about ourselves; we do. Or that we have so much happening it is spilling out I great big come-shot gobs; it isn’t. Or that we are becoming ever bigger web celebrities weekly or bedding female rock stars (well, we are managing this last part, if you want to know who, just email us and we will tell you…and send 5×7 glossies). It’s just that we began this naughty, fun podcast to entertain listeners, not to talk about ourselves.

Really, we did.

But I do have something I want to share, and while not specifically part of LNV, I think it could be telling for a whole big part of the population Chris and I are trying to reach on our shows…naughty writers.

If you click on over to the SEXPERT site (here), you will find the latest in my bi-monthly postings on sex writing. Again, I’m not giving you this information to push that column; I have talked about it plenty here, and just a cursory search of all Chris and I are into, you will find…well…all that we are into. But this particular column is about a conundrum I am finding with the program Grammarly, something Chris and I use all the time, plenty of writers are committed to, and I would also guess, plenty of people who are not pro writers but want to check their word usage on a regular basis.

It’s this last point: plenty of people who are not pro writers but want to check their word usage on a regular basis that prompted me to write this blog today and alert you to the expert piece

Now back to our regularly scheduled program.

Episode #23-Erotic Geekdom

Yes, we ‘Geek Out’ again on the podcast, as Chris and I often do. 

As much as being erotica writers Chris and I write genre fiction, much of it, science fiction. So, here we go again on Licking Non- Vanilla, talking about 60’s & 70’s sci-fi fantasy TV shows, and movies.

Fans of Gerry and Sylvia Anderson UK shows like UFOSupercar, and Thunderbirds, as much as pretty much any other sci-fi of the time, Chris and I expound as much on the stories and characters of these shows as the sexy fashions. And yes, we once again give a nice long ‘shout-out’ to that infamous “A Touch Of Brimstone” episode of The Avengers. I have written about this particular kinky episode in this blog before, and Chris knows lots about it. So, we have a good jaw for sure about Emma Peel as the “Queen of Sin.”

And just to note: In the case of the Anderson shows, most notably UFO with its mini-skirts, high boots, and purple wigs, and that infamous “Brimstone” whip-filled episode, the sexy outfits seen on the ladies were designed by women— Sylvia Anderson for UFO, Diana Rigg for her “Emma Peel” on The Avengers-respectively. One should consider this before ushering some sort of cancel-culture, attack on history. 

See this video of Sylvia A. being interview on British TV about her show’s fashions.

We also get into sexy and startling shocking movies of the day. Myra Breckinridge, which contains a pegging scene with Rachel Welch at the ‘helm’ that needs to be seen to be believed. What’s New Pussycat, and A Clockwork Orange, are some we touch on.

Then we get into the many different ways in which Chris and I publish presently, especially in audiobook form; Wordwooze Publishing is publishing Chris and my audio erotica.

Sure, we jump around a bit in this near hour of geeking, but would you expect anything less from us?

Listen to our new episode here, here and here.

The 6th International Congress On Love & Sex With Robots

Sex with robots, I’ll give ya. Love though…mmm, I’m not so sure. But the 6th International Congress On Love & Sex With Robots is determined to set us all straight.

Happening across Zoom, from 8/18-20th this summer; the conference features Dr. Justin R. Garcia, Dr. Markie L.C. Twist, Dr. Lara Karaian and Robosexual, iDollator, and Advocate for artificial humans, Dovecat as keynote speakers.

Indeed, not your everyday pipefitters convention or even close to the kink get-togethers Chris and I have taught at (and God please, let the kink conventions start again, I need to see my buddy as we give instructions on tit torture, writing smut and how the ancient art of cupping can add so much fun to one’s sex life), this meeting-up, created by David Levy, with Professor Adrian Cheok, in 2014, represents an interest I did not know existed. Well…ok…I guess I assumed it did, as much from reading all the sci-fi I have and seeing the recent rise of A.I. But I had no idea whole conferences were occurring that explored the idea of Sex, let alone, Love with robots, in what seems to be a true academic manner.

As should be expected from what you hear Chris and I expound upon on the show (which you can hear here, here and here, to name just a few places) and seeing as we are as much erotica writers as we are fantasists writing across the genres of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror, the sexual interplay between aliens, humans and aliens, humans and synthetic beings and just sex between artificial beings, is certainly something we’d condone, just as long as all parties consent.

Which is pretty much always our rule. I know, we’re silly that way.

And as we all know, what is one day just the wild imaginings of science fiction and fantasy often comes to be the reality we live. So sex, and maybe indeed even love with robots, maybe not be something that’s coming, as much as it is here, right now.

If you are interested in this topic or just want to have a look-see on the conference’s website, please go here to check them out: LSR 2021.

Say Hi To House of Denial and a Ralph Greco, Jr. story there

Paraphrasing the good bard, Chris and I always say: “There are more kinks in heaven and Earth, Horatio,/Than are evert dreamt of in your wildest imaginings.” And one of these kinks a good amount of folks ‘think up’ and enjoy is chastity.

Denied orgasm, sex, a tickle for long periods or as a lifestyle, whether inflicted on sub by dom (although, remember, as Chris and I tell you all the time, the dom doesn’t inflict anything on the sub the sub does not want, or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work in a healthy consensual power exchange) or someone locking themselves down of their own accord, can take on all manner of styles, employ a whole bunch of technologies, and be aided by a litany of really cool, nasty devices.

A great place to buy those chastity devices (for males) is the wonderful House of Denial online store.

What can also be found at this UK-based retailer that invites folks to “experience the pleasure of denial” is fiction, namely, a short story (one of a bunch I hope to write for these wonderful folks) from me: (see here). I want to thank Mistress K and D, the founders and owners of House of Denial, for posting my story and welcoming more.

I hope for a long fruitful, fun relationship with them.

For those who have tipped a toe (although it’s usually some other body part) into chastity or play with it regularly, folks often find very expensive cages and belts. But Mistress K and D work very hard to bring consumers well-tested, safe products at affordable prices. They also provide an open forum for shoppers to send queries and questions, and they love to hear feedback on their products and the way people are coming to play with them.

They’ll also post pictures of people using their products.

From metal chastity devices, plastic and silicone cock cages to the futuristic ‘cellmate’ line of cages and “trainers,” all a man needs for wrestling the best part of him into submission can be found at House of Denial.

You can now follow Mistress K on Twitter, where she posts Her chastity art and links to any reviews that she writes for the House of Denial blog on Twitter@MistressKHoD. And go to their Twitter account Twitter@houseofdenial.  When you drop by, tell Mistress K and D we sent you.

And be sure to ‘drop by’ our podcast, here, here and here.

de Blasio Loves Porn?

Like him or not, consider him effective or not much more than another politico talking-head, it seems New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s has a good idea…at least where sex work is concerned. It was revealed this week that the Mayor is calling on state-wide decriminalization of sex workers. The mayor claims energy instead should be focused on the apprehension and full legal consequence being leveled on those who exploit and profit from the human trafficking.
Like most writers I know who work in the adult field have been on about for years, sex work and sex trafficking are very often combined in the old “painting with a big brush” sweep of the facts. But one is not the other. And while the former should certainly not be illegal (in my humble opinion), the latter most reasoned people would agree is heinous and should have the law focusing its full attention (energy) on, the two are often lumped together when politicians, theologians, or supposed judges of social mores get their dander up.
It’s nice to see someone acknowledging they are not the same and maybe making some headway on treating the issues sanely.
In New York City, sex work has certainly gone completely underground over the past few decades. In his attempt to clean-up (some would say “Disney-fy”) the Times Square area of Manhattan, Mayor Rudy Guliani (again, another public servant many as much like as not) rid midtown Manhattan, especially the infamous 42nd street, of its naughty movie theaters, ‘peep show’ palaces and prostitution. Not that porn was doing big business any longer in movie houses by Guliani’s time (it had been supplanted by first videotape, then DVD and now downloading) or that lots of the prostitutes had not moved out of the 42nd street area (it became even too dangerous for them) or that there are not some good old sex shop/strip booth places still in existence in the surrounding area. But sex work, as it used to exist in New York, is no more.
As it has always been in some parts of Nevada, if de Blasio were to legalize prostitution (at the very least), the state could gain from taxing sex workers. The workers could see some legislated health regulations as well as some sure safety protocols put into place. All very good things indeed.
Time will only tell.

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Get Spanked…But Do They Care?

Not so much anymore, but there was a time that styles, opinions given, and performances on televised awards shows were often thought ‘edgy’ and outrageous, courted some controversy. In the past year, audiences all but gone from the theaters for the broadcasts or shows rendered across claustrophobic virtual-only showings, the diminished return of super-low ratings, (see here), and lackluster performances have left more than one viewer wondering, ‘Why bother?’

This year’s Grammy’s tried their best, with attendees sadly matching their alt. couture to the masks they wore, keeping-up a ‘new’ anything-but normal approach. But this award show was, as they have been growing too, even before the pandemic… kind of, well, ok, at best. What passes for outrageous costuming (which is just women showing skin) and cultural/political statements fall under the big umbrella of virtue-casting at best, maudlin retreads at worse. And this year’s big Grammy’s controversy was not much more than a big-staged stripper routine.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation called out Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance of “WAP” at the 63rd Grammy’s, saying it “….could have been cut from a hardcore pornography film” and “…contributed to the sexual exploitation of women by glamorizing prostitution and stripping.” It seems the NCOSE did not like the silvery skin-showing outfits the ladies wore (for Cardi a big bikini, Megan a silver bodysuit) as much as how close the women got on top of an oversized-bed set piece.

But watching the performance once again, I have to think; this is what’s got the NCOSE up in arms? This is what I heard conservative radio condemning? This is what makes the news these days?

Man, are we ever starved for something to talk about!

As it always is with stuff like this, one man’s poison is another man’s; what you consider naughty I consider tame; what I think kinky you might regard as your usual Tuesday night. Sure, the NCOSE has every right to call out that which they want. But can any of us rightly imagine that what those divas got up to at the Grammy’s last Sunday “contributed to the sexual exploitation of women by glamorizing prostitution and stripping,”? I’m not so sure.

First of all, if the ladies were indeed “glamorizing prostitution and stripping,” what’s so wrong with that? Plenty of women and men strip for a living. Furthermore, if this country was a little less Puritanical (ok, a lot less) in its views on sex and certainly if we could have national legalization of prostitution, that profession could be regulated (and taxed) and the people who work in it infinitely better protected. Of course, I am all for our lawmakers searching for and taking down sex-trafficking at every turn, and against the abuses of non-consensual engagement of any kind. But adults engaging in prostitution (whether the buyer or supplier) and stripping should be allowed to follow those pursuits legitimately.

As for Cardi and Megan, I think I might be so bold to offer the oft lambasted heterosexual male p.o.v. here. As they do in the WAP video, I believe Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion were making a statement, through lyric, costuming, and gyration on the current state of female empowerment, both the many strides ladies have made recently and those they have not.

And I’d venture a guess that these two powerhouse performers of the current music business are comporting themselves precisely as they want.

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