Blush Erotica Launches Contest In Anticipation of “The Lake House” Series Release

So, I just received the below press release from Blush Erotica. B.E. is a wonderful company that produces very sexy scenes. I was introduced to them from an old friend of our show, Lily Craven, who has shot for them and through this hook-up, I have penned two scripts for Blush so far. I really do love this company the people who steer the whole naughty ship.

So, reasd below and see if you might be able to ‘lend a hand.’

If you do get chosen, tell them LNV sent you.

(LAS VEGAS, NV) Blush Erotica, a unique concept in adult entertainment, announces a new contest today ahead of the release of a multipart series “The Lake House.” The company invites interested fans to submit a 10-15 second jerk-off video to be featured in one of the scenes. The winner will get credit (under their stage name) and be featured in one episode of the series. 

The launch of “The Lake House” will mark the start of summer dropping Memorial Day weekend. The company will release the five video series over the course of two weeks to subscribers of The series features four college girlfriends who reunite at a lake house for a very steamy weekend starring Luna Lark, Princess Dandy, Elisa Mae, El Bliss, and one lucky winner. 

“We had a footage gap to fill with this person jacking off while talking to their wife, Elisa Mae, on Facetime and the team came up with this contest,” says series director The Sinematographer. “We look forward to dropping the series soon and developing it into a DVD later this year.”

Entries to the contest can be submitted here. Entries will be accepted from Friday, May 13 until Tuesday, May 17. The winner must submit a talent release form and submit a photo ID that will be kept confidential by the production studio. The company urges participants to dream up their best stage name while they record their best clips.

“Like everyone in this industry, our DMs are constantly clogged up with unsolicited dick pics and questions about how to get into the business. We were kind of joking around about the contest but then thought, why not, it could be a lot of fun,” said marketing director, Ginger Roy. “So many people say, I just want to be in porn, so here’s your chance.”

Blush Erotica, an AVN and XBIZ award nominated company, is a unique concept in adult entertainment where narrated voiceovers provide an additional layer of erotica to hardcore porn. As the company’s catalog grows so does featuring titillating scenes, behind-the-scenes footage, exclusive photography, and an erotic story blog. The group frequently releases exclusive and unpredictable interviews with industry talent on YouTube.

Those interested may follow Blush Erotica on Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

Getting The Skinny on

So, I had a little sit down with “Femme Fatale,” the Media Manager & P.R. person over at (Chris and I hope to have her on the podcast some time in the very near future). As F.F. told me, Arousr is a “sexting and video chat platform” where members can connect with female chathosts from all over the world 24/7. It’s a safe and anonymous space for everyone to explore their kinks/fantasies without fear of judgment/stigmas..

You can find it here:

And below is my interview with the enchanting Femme Fatale…

How we can tell these days, with adult portals, what is accurate, what is safe for consumers and creators? Who is ‘policing’ if anybody at all, and how can we all contribute to a better’ transparency.’

Having applicants of any content creator/streaming site be verified first manually by a human is the biggest factor to help avoid bots/scams/illegal activity from happening on adult platforms themselves. Also, having content monitored by site administration itself really helps keep illegal/scam activity from happening on a platform.

This takes more time, but this is still the most thorough way to avoid illegal or negative experiences from taking place on any adult platform. On Arousr, all-female and trans female chat hosts are verified by the Arousr team to guarantee you are chatting with whomever you choose to connect with at all times. No bots, no scams.

There, unfortunately, is no one way to tell the differences between most adult sites when it comes to real vs. the bots or scams these days. However, what a potential member/subscriber should look for are authenticity and sites that are open about their creator’s verification process. If a site does not guarantee you are talking to a real human, there is more than likely scams happening on said site.

Could it all be a case of just simply too much information being disseminated? Will we get to a critical mass with chats, cams, etc., or will society always want more sex education and connection?

There cannot be enough sex education, that is for sure. We as a society are still lacking in a new, modern and fresh way to teach not only teens but also adults about their sexuality. As long as humans are having sex, there is room for more of it to be consumed in both traditional and less traditional avenues. Less traditional being digital, and that leads to continued sex education around it new ways to express one’s sexuality. 

Seeing the recent backlash in the US about sex education in schools, and a push back on seeming people’s sexual identity rights, what can we all do to assure better and consistent access and freedoms sites like Arousr champion?

Demand them. When you make enough noise about any subject, others tend to listen. Just because rights may get taken away or sexual freedoms get squashed in politics doesn’t mean that cannot be changed with more demand for these rights/freedoms.

Episode #38: Sarah Sloane Returns!

Yes, Licking Non-Vanilla is at episode #38 already, and on this one, we have asked Sarah Sloane to come back and give us some of her brilliance.

If you listen to our show, you will know that Sarah first appeared on LNV, way back on episode #15, when she was the director of operations & communications at #open – the dating app that prioritizes “personal empowerment and choice.” But Sarah, as we learned then and have since found out talking to her further (on this new episode and other times), is plugged into the culture in so many ways and has a truly engaging way of looking at life. As a sex, kink, relationship educator and coach, pr person, marketer for various companies (not just adult), and a podcaster herself at her “Social Intercourse Podcast” (go here to find it), this is one lady who knows the skinny on life, that’s for shit sure!

And Chris and I just love her. 

As you will hear in this new episode, we have a nice log jaw with Sarah, covering lots of subjects. We hit on the new and controversial Florida gender laws, various new sex toys on the market (Chris and Sarah go back and forth about a few of the latest gizmos for your gonads), and bandy about how we could all be healthier in our sex lives (I’ll give you a hint…if we all talked about sex more).

You can find our latest episode with Sarah here: and here: Licking Non-Vanilla Podcast – Skyhawk After Dark TV.

And find out all you need to know about Sarah here: Sarah Sloane – Sex and Relationships Educator and Coach

I know there seems to be an epidemic of narcissism around us all lately, but when you meet and talk to someone like Sarah Sloane, you are reminded that there are also some truly gifted, intelligent, and empathetic folks out there fighting the good fight in just how they live their lives.

Thank you Sarah!

Vote For Coralyn Jewel

 One of the great friends of the Licking Non-Vanilla podcast is the super sexy, smart, and oh-so-sweet Coralyn Jewel. Jewel’s Hankie Pankie Podcast appears on the same Skyhawk radio network as ours; she has been a guest on our show, as I have been a guest on hers, and I had the honor to hang with her a few days before last year’s Exxxotica NJ convention. Since then, Jewel and I have kept in touch, as she pretty much does with everybody she meets (she is that amiable and giving of her time) and I just learned that Jewel has received her second nomination this year, this time for XBIZ’s Best MILF Clip Artist.

Working for XBIZ as I do, I know a lot about their nominations and awards and seeing how this lady is being recognized by such a venerable institution (and I need to give his beautiful lady a shout out here also about her nomination for an AVN award at the beginning of the year) I can understand why she says why her hard work being recognized is the “most important thing to me.”

You can see how hard Jewel has worked recently by going to her website, new and improved as it is. She has rebranded all the many things she does, has so many new things coming out soon and continues to work at all of her endeavors in the 110 percent manner she always has. 

 You can, and we hope you do, vote for Coralyn Jewel and her XBIZ Best MILF Clip Artist nomination. You can find it here and then search around for all the other nominees in their various categories. You have through May 17th to cast a vote…so cast it for Jewel now.

You can also find Coralyn Jewel at these social media spots:

Twitter @SweetblueCJ, Instagram @coralynjewel, TikTok @coralynjewel, Snapchat @sweetbluecj, and Facebook

Here Comes The Erotica, and It’s Coming Hard

I just received an email from the CEO of Pink Flamingo Publishing that she now has the naughty books of her catalog (of which my No Whip, No Problem is one) on the following book-selling portals:

Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Bookwire, Ciando, Digibooks, Dreame (Hong Kong),, FemDomCave, Fiction4All, Google, Hummingbrid, Kobo, Numilog, Overdrive, PublishDrive, Smashwords.

Believe me, working on getting our titles across these 16 sites took time, energy, and guile. Although some of the spots above have built their reputation on erotica, plenty of others run scared from scintillating dirty prose (some of the above, actually). It takes a certain stick-with-it-ness to hammer away at these places week after week, hoping to slip one’s books in.

And believe me, quite often, no amount of lube will fit you in.

I don’t have a favorite in the above. It’s as thrilling for me to see my book at Barnes and Noble (see here) as it is on the Hong Kong-based Dreame (see here). I am just happy that Pink Flamingo has gained this reach, that the publisher’s hard work is paying off, and that I can do all I can to promote it.

I got in on publishing erotica in eBook ’round about 2009. Before that, I had placed stories in various magazines around the world when actual print magazines existed, but when I met the venerable Jean Marie Stine, who had been spearheading the eBook erotica field with the Sizzler Editions of her Renaissance E Books, my world opened up to the naughty words I could get out there. I am still publishing with Jean, but as she has advised me often, “go out and get others to publish you,” and I have worked hard to do so. Pink Flamingo was one of those ‘other’ publishers I pursued, knowing well their sterling reputation. I was truly humbled that they took my latest fem dom-themed short story collection and thrilled at how they have lovingly handled my title, as they do all their releases.

So, here’s a shout-out to Pink Flamingo’s tenacity and a little bit to myself. Long may erotica reign, even if it only ever rains a little a bit across the mainstream publishing world.

Let’s Go Grandfalloon-ing; Ralph Wants To See Your Dirty Stuff For A Wonderful Magazine

I just received the spectacular Spring 2022 issue of Grandfalloon Magazine, the speculative fiction/art/poetry zine out of Canada. Not that every quarterly released Grandfalloon (the name of the magazine here taken from a Kurt Vonnegut quote) isn’t wonderful, but seeing as, once again, I have a story in the new book (and my friend and ridiculously talented illustrator Joe Swarctz created a great mid-story drawing to go along with my silly little space tale) I can attest that this issue is fantastic!

See it here:

What’s even more fantastic is that for the Summer 2022 issue of Grandfalloon, I am going to be guest editor.

Yes, little old me. It seems the powers-that-be at the little old mag–either incredibly intelligent and full-to-brimming with good taste or absolutely round-the-doghouse wacky (or maybe a little of both)–figure that with my background and all the good work we have managed in the past, I should be the man at the helm (best I can be running off to rub my sagging pink parts up against space robots and ingesting an overabundance of Skittles at every turn) to land my jaundiced eye through the submissions for the next issue which we want to make all sexy spacey…or is that spacy sexy?

So here and now, I am calling out to whoever reads this blog or listens to the podcast (or both) to send poetry, fiction, artwork, scribble-diddles, and do-daddy oh’s of an erotic speculative nature to:

I have to warn you, I have already seen some great stuff come crossing my desk. In fact, one-piece is from somebody you and I know very well indeed and he’s a great writer. So, send your naughtiest robot stories, your sexiest sea creature couplings, your well-hung space pirate adventures (hell, even if they aren’t all that well hung, I want to see it ) and let’s “put on a show’ as the old musicals would declare.

We might very well fit you into what I know will be a smashing summer issue.

Check out the Grandfalloon merch page here:

Licking Non-Vanilla Store Open At SkyHawk Apparel

Well, it’s time to talk ‘swag.’

For a while, Licking Non-Vanilla has sold products with our logo on them at one outlet. Now, we have partnered with the producer of Skyhawk Radio, where our show airs here, to present a whole new range of stuff, and we are tickled pink to show you: Licking Non-Vanilla – Skyhawk Apparel.

As we make our way to our 40th episode (40, wow!) and think back on ‘the journey’ so far—our wonderful guests, Chris and I just jawing away like the mad fools we are, the sex-positive subjects we have tackled— and how we came to consider this little enterprise with our producer and marketer, we really can’t believe where we’ve gotten to. Just jumping in and figuring, ‘Hey, everybody else has a podcast, why not us?’ Chris and I just expanded on what we usually do when we are together (talk about all kinds of things) and simply put ourselves in front of microphones.

There is a certain conceit behind thinking that what you might talk about could be interesting to anyone else. But one needs to have faith in what they do, get it done and put it ‘out there’ to see if anyone else feels it has merit. And while we don’t so readily hear from listeners, we track our downloads and are tickled time and again with who is listening to Licking Non-Vanilla and where they listen from, from around the globe.

Now, our listeners can wear some stuff (in the case of the new store boxers, tees, hoodies, sports bras, and beanies) and listen to our show when they do.

Thanks to Skyhawk and thank you to all of you who listen. Here is the complete Skyhawk apparel store, beyond just Licking Non-Vanilla stuff, if you want to have a further look around

Episode #37: Talking Lube & Lady’s Parts w Dr. Karyn Eilber

I wasn’t being slippery when I mentioned back here that Chris and I had talked to the wonderful Dr. Karyn Eilber about the lube and other products she had created (along with her partner Renée Garacochea) in her Glissant line. Well, our episode #37 with the good doctor is now up and running. 

You are going to just love this conversation; it really was one of our best and so damn informative. What Chris and I pride ourselves on is the wide variety of guests we have been so fortunate to secure for Licking Non-Vanilla, and with Dr. Eilber, we got such a good talking to about sexual wellness, women’s health issues, and how we all should be viewing sex.

You’ll catch a moment near the end of our talk where the doctor just lays Chris and me out cold with one specific insight. Wow! 

As I mentioned in our previous blog about her, and we made sure to have her elaborate on during the show; Dr. Eilber is a board-certified urologist with sub-specialty board certification in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. She has over two decades of experience taking care of women’s most intimate needs. She is an Associate Professor of Urology and Obstetrics & Gynecology & Gynecology at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and the Associate Program Director for the Cedars-Sinai Urology Residency Training Program. Before joining Cedars-Sinai, she served at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s Urology Department, where she gained extensive experience in pelvic reconstruction following cancer treatment.

Talk about big-brain bonafides, huh?

But not only was Dr. Eilber so nice she also explained things so Chris and I could readily understand. I can imagine the ladies who come to see this lady feel so very safe and secure, knowing this she is treating them. 

Listen to our episode #37 here, and here (to name but a few places) and go here to check out Glissant: Glissant line.

Episode #36, Talking To Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker

A long time ago, in a glazy far away, people used to go out for coffee, friends would meet for a meal or at a park, and folks would get on these big bird-like things called airplanes, fly across their countries and meet other folks who had done the same thing in their birdie airplanes. They’d meet to vacation, or for a naughty little tryst or even network at conventions. This is something Chris, and I did way back when we first met at the YNOT convention in Sandamfantasticfrisco in 2008 (well, Chris simply drove over as he was living in the area at the time). I was writing with my good friend Lisa then, who we have had on the Licking Non-Vanilla podcast, as we were making our way with marketing for adult business. Although I had written to Chris plenty (he famously rejected me more than he accepted me for his “Frequently Felt” blog) but we hadn’t met until that convention.

And the rest is Ralphie and Chris history, as you see

At that long-ago convention for the people behind-the-scenes of adult websites, we also happened to meet Bruce Friedman, the owner of Adult Site Broker. Connecting with Bruce these many years later—as you might recall, I have appeared on Bruce’s Adult Site Broker Talk podcast two times—we returned the favor for our episode #36, getting Bruce on our show.

Veteran as Bruce is, he offers great insight into how he facilitates equitable deals between buyers and sellers of adult sites, talks over some wacky travel stories, and basically gives great episode here with Chris and me…as we knew he would. It was great for us all to finally connect again, and I know we will have Bruce on in the future.

What a great show! 

As to the specifics…

You can hear and see our episode #36 with Bruce here, and here.

Again, you can find Bruce @

You can even read all about the show on this write-up on XBIZ.

Thank you, Bruce, for making our show so great!

Now, You Can See Us!

Oh, my little droogs, this has been a long time coming. God knows, our producer worked very hard to get this up and running. But Chris and I are tickled pink and now for sure; you’ll be able to forever see that pinkness (no-no, not THAT pinkness!) on the just-launched video to our audio of our Licking Non-Vanilla episodes.

Starting with episode #34, where we interviewed the wonderful creators of “Schtick a Pole In It,” Dan Goodman and Joanna Ross, you’ll be able to see as well as hear all the gooey fun goodness of what Chris and I get into. And while we didn’t start out working for video (or “Working For The Weekend” either) figuring we’d kick it old school with a podcast just casting in audio, we all figured, why not get the show up and running in just another way for people to access it.

So here we are: 

This trickly old world we currently live in offers so many opportunities for connection. Some of those are great, others not so (as you have heard me particularly bemoan here often), and we feel to each his own in how you want to be seen and heard out there. You’ll notice Chris, and I never print or speak a web address or give you anybody’s name unless our guest has allowed it. We feel the same way about this new video feature of our naughty podcast. If a guest prefers not to appear on camera, Chris and I are perfectly happy to have them on, still. The fact that you can see as well as hear us now doesn’t mean everyone who happens on LNV has to show themselves. There are plenty of people who work in the adult field, even those who tickle slightly into erotica with something they do part-time, who do not want to be filmed. We get it, and we respect anyone who wants to come on our show with however they want to come on.

Just come on; we’d love to have you.

So, there is the skinny on our latest news and something we are so very happy about. 

See you soon, kids…and I do mean, ‘see.’