Episodes 34 & 35 Up Now: “Talking” Pictures Are On The Way

Other than the smuggling we did in the late ’80s for that small cartel in a country not to be named, Chris and I know there’s not much to worry about if we are seen on the podcast. Still, as you get older, or at least as we have, we both enjoy more a behind-the-scenes, read-our-words, hear-our-voices, keep-away-from-the-spotlight kind of existence. 

Anne Rice

I was already a solid fan of Rice, reading Interview with the Vampire and The Vampire Lestat, but I tripped across a book in 1985 called Exit To Eden, written by Anne Rampling, that I just loved. Yes, a hardcover erotic tale, written by an author I did not know, I came to the realization that Anne Rampling was actually Anne Rice when she published Belinda, one of my most favorite books of all time, in 1986 and revealed on the cover of that book Anne Rice writing as Anne Rambling.

A Tall Kinky Witch Sporting a Huge Meta Cock

Our latest episode, #33, which we have titled “A Tall Kinky Witch Sporting a Huge Meta Cock” is now live here, here and here (and FYI, that first ‘here is the newest network to listen to Licking Non-Vanilla, SkyHawk After Dark Radio)

Licking Non-Vanilla Now On Skyhawk After Dark Radio

Chris and I have great new news about Licking Non-Vanilla. As of yesterday, you can now hear Licking Non-Vanilla on the Skyhawk After Dark Radio network (go here)! We are so thrilled to be on such a great network and among such wonderful company. You will see our great friend and guest on our episode #28 Coralyn JewelContinue reading “Licking Non-Vanilla Now On Skyhawk After Dark Radio”

Product Review: The Handy

Packaged discreetly, your nosy neighbors, even the mailman, will never know what you’re getting delivered. But man, will you ever be happy you bought The Handy. I won’t kid you though, this is not a cheap masturbatory aid, but the way the thing is constructed, it will surely last you many strokes.

Ralph has Sex (Phone Sex That Is) With Lily Craven

There’s been a couple of hiccups along the way since I reported on the fact that the wonderful Lily Craven, who was our guest on episode # 32 (go here), was returning the favor by having me on her show. Well, that show premieres tonight at 9 pm, with yours truly being teased than talking withContinue reading “Ralph has Sex (Phone Sex That Is) With Lily Craven”

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