Meet Lily Craven

In a couple of weeks, I’m going to be interviewed on Lily Craven’s “Phone Sex with Lily” show, and very soon, we will return the favor here on Licking Non-Vanilla. But I figured, why not tell you all about this wonderful lady now…and have you learn a little lesson from your uncle Ralphie about interpersonal relationships.

First, let’s talk about Lily. She is a MILF-fastic performer/producer of content, as well as radio host of “Phone Sex with Lily” on K97FM Radio. While snooping across Facebook on her cheating husband, she came across a group that appeared to be making sex sales out of their inbox. Finding out that this was not prostitution, as she first thought, Lily started selling her own content out of the “Pizza Daddies” group. Her menu here includes live chat, pre-made videos and pics, custom videos, sexting, wearable sales, and more.

Since then, she’s created the “Camp Morningwood” group and merged with another group to sell her sexy content. Lily most enjoys the taboo/age play fetish, as much where she gets to play the ‘naughty aunty’ as explore the step mommy/stepson fetish.

And from what I have heard and seen, she is very good at it!

As a side note and where I will most certainly meet her, I am sure Lily has been given the “media hat,” as she calls it, for this year’s Exxxotica Expos. I am attending the NJ stop of this get-together, and so is she.

A lady with quite a diverse past, from stripping for a bit in her late teens to being married and raising a family, to divorcing and then remarrying and owning an oilfield storage and trucking company with her new husband, to earning a college degree at the age of forty, to doing all she does in adult, Lily is a true Renaissance woman.

She is also aces when it comes to fostering connections, even with someone she doesn’t know all that well.

I first reached out to Lily off of the site. She had put a call out for interview subjects for her radio show, and we had all, but maybe four emails back and forth where we determined that yes, she’d want me for her show and that we’d want her for ours. Lily happened to mention as one of the companies she works for…and so loves.

I flicked the old cursor over to the BE website and found they were looking for scriptwriters. So I reached out (frankly, I don’t think I mentioned Lily at first ‘blush’…sorry for the pun). But within no more than two emails back and forth with the good people at Blush, I found that somewhere in the back and forth, Lily had put in a good word for me…again, we hardly even knew one another!

Yes, I couldn’t have furthered interest from Blush Erotica unless they liked what I sent them. But there you are, another connection made, from connecting with another person I hardly knew but came to talk about me in a positive light.

And there’s the lesson, kids. Like-minded, good-hearted people do often find one another. Just when I am down on the human race, this kind of a thing happens, and I think, ‘Well, maybe we all ain’t so bad after all.’

Thanks to Lily Craven, check her out at these spots:,, Twitter @lilycravenXXX or @lily40xxx, IG @real_lilycraven, FB @lily.craven40

Or join her live on:

Check out the Licking Non Vanilla podcast, here, here and here.

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