Licking Non-Vanilla Now on iTunes & iHeart

You know how they say a restaurant’s healthy business potential is based on “location, location, location?” Well, when it comes to the podcast game, it’s about ‘listeners, listeners, listeners.’ Beyond delivering a sexy and interesting show, as Chris and I are trying to do with Licking Non-Vanilla, one needs to get the podcast played on as many different networks and platforms as possible. This week, from the tireless efforts of our producers, we can now be heard ‘on’ both the iHeartRadio Network as well as iTunes.

And we couldn’t be happier.

We also received this wonderful forward of a press release that landed on the adult business site XBIZ, at this UK radio site. When it comes to spreading the news about our naughty broadcast, we appreciate any mention, as we so appreciate all the new subscribers that are coming our way. It’s all about getting the word around, to make even the smallest of squeaky noise out there among all the other podcast programming you could be listening to.

Chris and I are well aware of how many podcasts there are out there. And when it comes to the world of sexy, sassy ‘conversatin’, there are lots of eargasmic places to tickle your brain across. Being heard or even noticed in the din is not easy, but as we slither onward and upward, our goal is to keep delivering sex-positive stuff, unlike any you might hear anywhere else. We have plans to include a bunch of guests for future call-ins, will cover all those kinky subjects and interesting cultural news items sure to come our way and will surf, with you, these more than stifling COVID NO FUN social times we are currently surfing.

If you happen to have found us for the first time while reading this blog or have been grinding on us since the beginning of the ride, please feel free to say hi here and tell us how you found us. We’d sure like to know what platforms are bearing fruit.

Stay Safe, everybody!

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Licking Non-Vanilla is a podcast and blog about kink, sexual mores and writing dirty words. Grab a cup of hot cocoa, pull up your favorite easy chair and sail into the dark, sweet waters of all things naughty... on Licking Non-Vanilla, with your hosts Ralph Greco, Jr. and M.Christian.

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