Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Get Spanked…But Do They Care?

Of course, I am all for our lawmakers searching for and taking down sex-trafficking at every turn, and against the abuses of non-consensual engagement of any kind. But adults engaging in prostitution (whether the buyer or supplier) and stripping should be allowed to follow those pursuits legitimately.

Living Vicariously: Mulatto, Dawnamatrix Designs…and little ol’ me

Ok, I’ll admit I am living more than slightly vicariously through Dawnamatrix Designs here, as I do when Chris reports on some new cool gig or some science fiction author he’s met. I’m just one of those people who take such pleasure in the accomplishments of the people I know and care for, and I thought this 3/4 or even more degree-of-separation relation was something worth writing about.

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