Something Worth Saying Beyond What’s Said?

I know words like cross-promotion, synergy, branding are ubiquitous on the business landscape these days. But there is also a fine line between reporting about your doings and being an egotist. This is why Chris and I tend to like to keep this blog about Licking Non-Vanilla podcast episodes (go here and here to hearContinue reading “Something Worth Saying Beyond What’s Said?”

Episode #10: Publishing & Kinks

As you know, in reading this blog, listening to our shows, or managing an Internet search of M. Christian and/or Ralph Greco, Jr. (I manage a search of my name about five times a day), we are writers, first and foremost. And it is because of this writing, and in the case of our naughty podcast, our sex writing (here’s a bi-monthly column I had over at the site about sex writing specifically) that we began Licking Non-Vanilla.

Do The ‘Linga’

As Chris and I are wont to do in the sex writing game we are in, I was sent a few toys from a shop that wanted me to review their wares. The place,, sent over a pink Hitachi Wand and what they call their “Linga: Pulse Wave Lasting Training Device” (see the picturesContinue reading “Do The ‘Linga’”

How To Write Porn For Fun And Profit: Episode #6

Episode #6 of our super sexy LNV podcast is ‘up’ starting today. On this segment of the show, Chris and I take a deep dive into what it means to be an erotica writer. Beyond the fantasy of imaging oneself, the author of erotic culture phenomena like Fifty Shades of Grey, we explore the meet-and-‘tatersContinue reading “How To Write Porn For Fun And Profit: Episode #6”

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