The Wonderful Coralyn Jewel and The Hankie Pankie Podcast

As both Chris and I have learned, we’ve found the very best people working in the adult business world; Corayln Jewel is undoubtedly one of these folks. A mother of two, author of an #1 International Best-Seller, adult performer, retired competitive athlete, porn director, swinger club owner, fitness trainer, wedding planner, talent manager, voice-over actress, lifestyle coach, motivational speaker, and podcast host, she is a smiling, honest, and-oh-so humble interviewer just thrilled to pull up a mike and have a jaw with a guest.

Licking The Globe

Occasionally our producer will email or call Chris and me, with updates of where our naughty podcast is being downloaded. Or he checks in with an “Um, you and Chris need to get on Twitter and check the retweets, or say hi to this or that person who has been saying such nice things.” Chris and I are consistently amazed by all the good wishes, retweets, and where the show is being heard.

Bella Throne, Corona and the Healing Power of Dominance and Submission: Episode #16

I gave you a head’s-up in one of my most recent blogs that Chris and I would be exploring the recent Bella Thorne controversy with the OnlyFans…and we do in our new episode (number 16) with Chloe. Chloe is a pro stripper, dom, sex industry expert and podcast host from London who got in touch via this Interweb thingie all the kids are using today, wanting to explore with us what happened recently with B.T. and how it affects the world of women and men attempting to ply their ways in a sex-positive wa

Episode #15-Talking with Sarah Sloane about Hastagopen…and beyond

And, really, a dating app like hastag open, these discussions Chris and I have consistently on Licking Non-Vanilla, what somebody like Sarah Sloane supports and educates people on, is all this is about…letting people find, enjoy and have their way.

Trouble at the Armory?

The Armory space and Acworth’s, who filmed there, is a massive edifice. Through its many floors, you can find lots of set pieces, and even rooms taken down to their bare walls, (making for even more perfect set pieces) where the fun sexual tortures were as much enacted by partiers or kink filmmakers.

‘Yes Sir, May I Have Another!?’: Chris & Ralph’s New Sexy Articles On

I keep forgetting to update us all (yes, even me) on the more-than-semi-regular sexy article contributions Chris and I are making at You will know by listening to our Episode #9 when we spoke with Bridget, our editor/writer-extraordinaire-in-her-own-right/tireless worker for that Chris and I have been scribbling away for the massive adult movieContinue reading “‘Yes Sir, May I Have Another!?’: Chris & Ralph’s New Sexy Articles On”

Where Ralphie Put Himself This Week

Ok, time to brag about my sex writing. (And when Chris get stuff done or a piece ‘up’ someplace online, rest assured I’ll be bragging about him as well). This week I have three articles that ‘went live,’ and in the spirit of forever loving to hear myself talk, I figured I’d blog about them. Continue reading “Where Ralphie Put Himself This Week”