OnlyFans Hacked?

We know a good amount of past guests, friends, and distant acquaintances who use and enjoy a good revenue stream from OnlyFans. And although the site is denying it has been officially hacked, it seems some cybercriminals “purchased, compiled and then illegally hosted content” right after photos of celebrities (Bella Thorne among them) was leaked.

The Sad Saga of “Mrs. Poindexter, Sacred Heart Search and the OnlyFans app

A Sacramento mom took to OnlyFans about a year ago (after first posting on Reddit first), hoping to bring some spark back into her 14-year-old marriage. Posing for her husband’s camera, Crystal Jackson posted “pin-up” type pics and sexy stories. Crystal, known as Tiffany Poindexter, (or “Mrs. Poindexter” on the OnlyFans app), along with her husband, saw their OnlyFans account earn 15k in their first month (yes, Crystal looks pretty damn hot) to their financials rising to ten times that in a year.

The Bella Thorne ‘OnlyFans’ Controversy

For those of you not in the know, OnlyFans is a portal for salacious content creators to sell stuff. People sell other stuff there too, but mainly porn stars populate the site; this is just the fact, Jack, as it has been there since 2016 when the site started. People can buy and even tipContinue reading “The Bella Thorne ‘OnlyFans’ Controversy”

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