Let’s Be Geeks-Episode #40

LNV 40 is up! Reaching this big # (40! where did they all go?), Chris and I give another naughty podcast where you simply get our two momoheads, jawing away about…well…about what we usually jaw away about. First, we hit on The Thunderbirds, then the Outer Limits and the connection we had at the “BeatContinue reading “Let’s Be Geeks-Episode #40”

Licking Non-Vanilla Now On Skyhawk After Dark Radio

Chris and I have great new news about Licking Non-Vanilla. As of yesterday, you can now hear Licking Non-Vanilla on the Skyhawk After Dark Radio network (go here)! We are so thrilled to be on such a great network and among such wonderful company. You will see our great friend and guest on our episode #28 Coralyn JewelContinue reading “Licking Non-Vanilla Now On Skyhawk After Dark Radio”

Led To Be Deceived

Sorry, but I can’t seem to get enough of this fucking crazy Keith Raniere guy, his NXIVM cult, and the question of why anybody would follow this asshole, join his cult and suffer the abuses they did. Hard as it is to avoid the story (and yes, I wrote about it for us already inContinue reading “Led To Be Deceived”


In his introduction to NINE TO ETERNITY, Chris mentions that friendship is the backbone of the collection. He has gathered together writers he is close to (can you see me batting my eyelids?) and people who know one another to summon their talents to produce what took a long time in coming but is finally here.

Licking The Globe

Occasionally our producer will email or call Chris and me, with updates of where our naughty podcast is being downloaded. Or he checks in with an “Um, you and Chris need to get on Twitter and check the retweets, or say hi to this or that person who has been saying such nice things.” Chris and I are consistently amazed by all the good wishes, retweets, and where the show is being heard.