Episode #26: How To Make Naughty Drawings with Jay Moyes

In this blog, a few weeks back, I mentioned illustrator Jay E. Moyes and how Christian and I had had a grand old time speaking with him on the podcast. Well, you can go here to our episode #26, “How To Make Naughty Drawings With Jay Moyes,” to hear all about it.There is a lotContinue reading “Episode #26: How To Make Naughty Drawings with Jay Moyes”

Come Listen To Nine to Eternity: A Science Fiction Anthology

For the stories here, Chris asked each author of this collection to pick “a personal favorite story: one that – also, sadly – didn’t get the love they’d put into it.” Ernest Hogan, Emily Devenport, Cynthia Ward, and Arthur Byron Cover join me, David Lee Summers, Jean Marie Stine, Jody Scott, and M. Christian himself, to make what was (and still is) a wonderful reading experience now even more memorable, as a listening experience.

Episode #10: Publishing & Kinks

As you know, in reading this blog, listening to our shows, or managing an Internet search of M. Christian and/or Ralph Greco, Jr. (I manage a search of my name about five times a day), we are writers, first and foremost. And it is because of this writing, and in the case of our naughty podcast, our sex writing (here’s a bi-monthly column I had over at the sexpert.com site about sex writing specifically) that we began Licking Non-Vanilla.

How To Write Porn For Fun And Profit: Episode #6

Episode #6 of our super sexy LNV podcast is ‘up’ starting today. On this segment of the show, Chris and I take a deep dive into what it means to be an erotica writer. Beyond the fantasy of imaging oneself, the author of erotic culture phenomena like Fifty Shades of Grey, we explore the meet-and-‘tatersContinue reading “How To Write Porn For Fun And Profit: Episode #6”

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