Say Hi To House of Denial and a Ralph Greco, Jr. story there

Paraphrasing the good bard, Chris and I always say: “There are more kinks in heaven and Earth, Horatio,/Than are evert dreamt of in your wildest imaginings.” And one of these kinks a good amount of folks ‘think up’ and enjoy is chastity. Denied orgasm, sex, a tickle for long periods or as a lifestyle, whetherContinue reading “Say Hi To House of Denial and a Ralph Greco, Jr. story there”

Digging Some Vader

I used to know this girl who had a fetish for Darth Vader. Actually, over the years, I have known lots of girls with fetishes; Chris would admit to the same. We’ve been lucky, I guess. But back to the ultimate Sith Lord. When David Prowse died a couple of weeks ago, he who ‘played’Continue reading “Digging Some Vader”

Episode #14-The Keys To The Kinkdom

t’s not that Chris and I have so much ready sex-positive information at our fingertips (ok, maybe we do) or that we like listening to ourselves talk (ok, we really do) or that we can’t get a guest to come on to our podcast (listen across our episodes and you see that we have, and I promise we will continue to).

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