The 6th International Congress On Love & Sex With Robots

And as we all know, what is one day just the wild imaginings of science fiction and fantasy often comes to be the reality we live. So sex, and maybe indeed even love with robots, maybe not something that’s coming, as much as it is here, right now.

Hey, I know that lady!

What I found so beguiling about Ariel Anderssen and quite many performers in the kink field is how down-to-Earth she is, how open about her interests, and how the particular kink she had (in this lady’s case, more often than not, it is being submissive) was just part of her life.

Trouble at the Armory?

The Armory space and Acworth’s, who filmed there, is a massive edifice. Through its many floors, you can find lots of set pieces, and even rooms taken down to their bare walls, (making for even more perfect set pieces) where the fun sexual tortures were as much enacted by partiers or kink filmmakers.

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