A Tall Kinky Witch Sporting a Huge Meta Cock

Our latest episode, #33, which we have titled “A Tall Kinky Witch Sporting a Huge Meta Cock” is now live here, here and here (and FYI, that first ‘here is the newest network to listen to Licking Non-Vanilla, SkyHawk After Dark Radio)

Episode #27: Chris and Ralph ‘swing’ with Christian from Eden After Dark

Episode #27, Chris and I have a good old chinwag with Christian (yes, it was a little hard keeping the ‘Chris’s’ straight, at first, for my pea-brain!) from the group Eden After Dark. What we found out from the Las Vegas-based swing/lifestyle event producer, was that he runs his Eden group with an eye on people getting together for whatever reason, paying special attention to LGTQ and bi-men (bi men, a group that is particularly marginalized in Christian’s experience.)

The 6th International Congress On Love & Sex With Robots

And as we all know, what is one day just the wild imaginings of science fiction and fantasy often comes to be the reality we live. So sex, and maybe indeed even love with robots, maybe not something that’s coming, as much as it is here, right now.