Here Comes The Erotica, and It’s Coming Hard

Believe me, working on getting our titles across these 16 sites took time, energy, and guile. Although some of the spots above have built their reputation on erotica, plenty of others run scared from scintillating dirty prose (some of the above, actually)

Come Listen To Nine to Eternity: A Science Fiction Anthology

For the stories here, Chris asked each author of this collection to pick “a personal favorite story: one that – also, sadly – didn’t get the love they’d put into it.” Ernest Hogan, Emily Devenport, Cynthia Ward, and Arthur Byron Cover join me, David Lee Summers, Jean Marie Stine, Jody Scott, and M. Christian himself, to make what was (and still is) a wonderful reading experience now even more memorable, as a listening experience.


In his introduction to NINE TO ETERNITY, Chris mentions that friendship is the backbone of the collection. He has gathered together writers he is close to (can you see me batting my eyelids?) and people who know one another to summon their talents to produce what took a long time in coming but is finally here.