The Nobilis Podcast & Erotica For All

Chris and I have some new writings we want to let you know about…more preciously to brag about. First, my wonderful partner in crime and sprinkly cream donuts.  M.Christian, otherwise known as Chris to his buddies (so you have to keep calling him M. Christian or Sir, Supreme Slayer Of The Written Word, He-Who’s- Appendage-Is-As-Fulleth-Of-Girth-As-It-Is-Beauteous-To-Behold-As-Well-As-To-Do-Other-Sundry-Things-With/To),Continue reading “The Nobilis Podcast & Erotica For All”

Come Listen To Nine to Eternity: A Science Fiction Anthology

For the stories here, Chris asked each author of this collection to pick “a personal favorite story: one that – also, sadly – didn’t get the love they’d put into it.” Ernest Hogan, Emily Devenport, Cynthia Ward, and Arthur Byron Cover join me, David Lee Summers, Jean Marie Stine, Jody Scott, and M. Christian himself, to make what was (and still is) a wonderful reading experience now even more memorable, as a listening experience.

Episode #10: Publishing & Kinks

As you know, in reading this blog, listening to our shows, or managing an Internet search of M. Christian and/or Ralph Greco, Jr. (I manage a search of my name about five times a day), we are writers, first and foremost. And it is because of this writing, and in the case of our naughty podcast, our sex writing (here’s a bi-monthly column I had over at the site about sex writing specifically) that we began Licking Non-Vanilla.

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