Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Get Spanked…But Do They Care?

Of course, I am all for our lawmakers searching for and taking down sex-trafficking at every turn, and against the abuses of non-consensual engagement of any kind. But adults engaging in prostitution (whether the buyer or supplier) and stripping should be allowed to follow those pursuits legitimately.

J.Lo “In The Morning” or any old time!

t’s one thing for young women to celebrate and even exploit their physical attributes, like Megan Thee Stallion and Card B have done recently with tremendous aplomb. No hetero man (indeed this hetero man) can ignore all that wonderful bouncing flesh and women celebrating body diversity as these modern rap divas do. But to see a lady of Jennifer Lopez’s maturity (she is 51) flaunting her attributes as well established as she is, not needing this kind of publicity to push a new album, is truly thrilling…and not just because I get to download the new album cover for my sad, dog-eared, spankbank.

Diving Deep Into Cardi B’s “WAP”

As Chris and I try hard on our Licking Non-Vanilla podcasts (go here or here to hear them) to explore, expound upon and enjoy as much of our sexual culture as we can, we couldn’t rightly let a video like Cardi B’s “WAP” by without a comment.

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