Listen To Your ‘Mommy’ or Else: Lily Craven Guests on Episode #32

Mommy-Dommy, cam cutie, scene-tastic performer, this lady who gives sweet or naughty attention—depending on your needs and wants—is featured up on episode #32 “Mommy, I’ve Been Such a Naughty Boy…”

Episode #28: Diving Deep into the Wild, Wooly, and Oh-So-Wonderful World of Coralyn Jewel

and I speak to people, and especially surfaced talked with Coralyn, is how very small the adult business world is. Chris and I have found this often in the smut writing community, where somebody knows somebody else who we know too. And in the adult business, as we discussed with Coralyn, this ‘better-not-burn-a-bridge’ very small world idea is true as well. I would postulate that this is true for other businesses as well, but then I’d say this is true for the world in general…especially with social media keeping us ever closer.

Adult Site Broker Talk features Ralph Greco, Jr. in its latest episode

I am only glad I could be such an interesting guest. Conversely though, unless the interviewer is on the ball, cares about his or her subject, and is interesting themselves, one could have the most incredible guest sitting across from them, and the interview will be a bust. It takes an exceptional talent to draw people into your confidence, get them speaking about themselves (something I am not comfortable AT ALL doing), and still create an exchange that people will want to listen to.