Episode #11: Talking To Lisa Weinberger of Pearlywrites.com

When it comes to the business of online marketing, whatever your business, Lisa Weinberger, is the person to see. Chris and I learned this on our just-released episode #11 when we interviewed Lisa at the top half of the hour. And boy did we learn a lot. It is not just about how to brand/market and approach a sex business (be you a writer, movie maker, toy producer), but any business you could work in the modern age.

I’ll confess…Lisa and I go way back, even before I began working for her Pearlywrites.com company. Writing for Lisa in those early days of the first decade of the new century, when we were all scrambling to learn all we could learn about net marketing and social media, Lisa grabbed on and rode the learning curve. As fits her personality, she went out and learned pretty much from doing, seeking out folks she could network with and generally building her business by putting herself out there. I came along as her writer (Lisa writes as well, but she hired me as much because we were friends, as she knew I could do the work and she’d be freed-up a bit to work more of business of growing Pearlywrites). In no time, we found ourselves as much writing for some clients like Airsoft (my first gig with Lisa) as falling into the adult business world. She knew I already had a background in writing for adult, and the way she saw it, everybody needs marketing.

Lisa and I met Chris together for the first time at the YNOT convention in San Francisco. We talk about this on the podcast and all the fun we had there (and my super dweeb moment). You will hear lots of fun stories between the three of us but also lots of invaluable advice from Lisa about marketing, for whatever kind of business you have. She has a specific, and I think very important, philosophy on building a business/brand, something I think we all need to take to heart. As Chris and I are always saying and Lisa makes clear, whether you we are selling used panties, Pyrex® dildos (and we talk about those on the episode specifically) or drill bit machine parts…you need to know how to correctly market what you have.

And please don’t confuse your drill bit machine parts with your dildo…ouch. So listen in to Episode #11 and find Lisa Weinberger @ either PearlyWrites.com or at her Linked-In page.

As always, find the Licking Non-Vanilla Podcast here.

‘Yes Sir, May I Have Another!?’: Chris & Ralph’s New Sexy Articles On Hotmovies.com

I keep forgetting to update us all (yes, even me) on the more-than-semi-regular sexy article contributions Chris and I are making at Hotmovies.com. You will know by listening to our Episode #9 when we spoke with Bridget, our editor/writer-extraordinaire-in-her-own-right/tireless worker for HotMovies.com that Chris and I have been scribbling away for the massive adult movie site for a while now. From Bridget’s wonderful welcome and constant encouragement, Chris and I contribute what’s called ‘evergreen’ sex pieces, our takes on subjects that will last the test of the time seeing as they are concerns we all have. And in the articles, we usually get in a few links to any number of the wonderfully naughty movies Hotmovies.com has on hand, for anyone’s viewing pleasure.

And it is our pleasure to write for them.

Our latest two pieces, mine: “Living With Your Lovers Past” and Chris’ “Building Your Own BDSM Dungeon” are fun, yet informative (we hope) skips through the subjects. You will find, if we all ever get back to some sort of in-person hang at kink conventions and you see Chris, and I teach at one of them, that my good buddy and I present our oral presentations (and admittedly, Chris and I love just oral presentations…wink wink) as we do our writing. We lay on the humor when we can, always err on the side of caution, and wish everyone as many sex-positive good times as possible.

The thing with this life things is…it gets hard at times. Work, a family, just surfing your moods; anyone can find themself knuckled under every time and again. Then add another person into your Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride, by trying to surf a relationship, be it fuck-buddy or marriage, and you are taking on a big responsibility, even when that relationship is sparkling full of respect and good fucking. What Chris and I try and offer in person, on the Licking Non-Vanilla podcast, and in our writings is a respite, a pat on the back (or fanny) and a little nod that when it comes to sex, although we all might ‘do it’ in a multitude of different ways, we all pretty much have the same concerns.

Enjoy our writing at Hotmovies.com, enjoy the movies there, and keep listening. We do appreciate you doing so.

Write a Dirty Story, Win A Prize

Our friends at sexpert.com have just put up a brand-new Short Erotica Writing Contest…and Chris and I are the judges (who da thunk it? somebody trusts us enough for something like this?!) As the site says of this contest offered just this month “Aside from baking loaves upon loaves of banana bread and catching up on TV shows on Netflix, we know this quarantine has got us all up in our fantasies. Yes, we mean the non-PG kind. Some are lucky to live it out in the safety of their own homes, but the rest of us are cooped up with just our left hand or a trusty toy to help us relieve ourselves of all this… uhm… frustration. Channel all that sexual energy by crafting a sizzling piece of erotica.

The rules here are rather simple. Any sexy story written in English will be considered (although incest, pedophilia, and bestiality, themes of sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, and bigotry disqualify an entry). And of course, all the action that takes place in your opus needs to be between consenting partners. The story needs to be between 100-300 wrds (it is a ‘short’ erotica writing contest after all!), and when you get the thing written, edited, unearthed what have you, you just paste it into the comments section here.

Secondly, we ask that you ‘like ‘the Sexpert Facebook Page and subscribe to the site’s YouTube channel. 

The deadline is 7/31/2020.

Entrants stand a chance to win in two categories: Sexiest Story Grand Prize Winner (determined by Chris and me) while sexperts.com all-knowing and wonderful readers will vote on the Fan Favorite Fantasy Runner Up Winner.

The fine print:

  • Sexpert.com will contact the 2 winners up to 1 day after the contest ends.
  • In the case that a winner does not reply within 24 hours, or forfeits their prize, alternate winners will be chosen.
  • Failure to comply with the rules will result in disqualification.
  • Multiple entries are allowed.
  • Contest is open to all adults worldwide.
  • No purchase necessary; anyone is free to participate.
  • No substitutions or exchanges of prizes are permitted.
  • Prizes must be claimed within 30 days of winning unless otherwise noted in the contest rules.
  • Decisions of the Contest Coordinator are final.

The Prizes?

M. Christian is giving away his latest erotica short story collection: “Horrorsexual: The Queer Erotic Fright Fiction” (See M. Christian’s Author Page on Amazon).

Ralph Greco Jr., is giving away My Heart Belongs To…: A Novel of Age Play, an audiobook novel from six age-play novelettes.

Dr. Ava Cadell is giving away The Loveologist’s Guide to Writing and Publishing

This is a great groping of stuff (although I can’t really speak to what that Ralph Greco, Jr. guys gets up to, M. Christian and Dr. Cadell are tops on what they do). But if you are a mind, click on over to the sexpert.com link for the contest and hit us with your brightest best-est and smallest little pieces of naughty writing.

We are truly looking forward to reading your stuff.

Episode #10: Publishing & Kinks

Sometimes, Chris and I just want to sit across from one another, get some good strong coffees in front of us, and have a jaw. Yes, we spend a goodly amount of our time trying to fashion our erotica into some saleable, or at the very least, readable form. But really want we want most times, is just to hang out and enjoy one another’s company.

This is what we did on our 10th episode (10 shows in! man where does the time go?) “Publishing and Kinks, time well spent.”

As you know, in reading this blog, listening to our shows, or managing an Internet search of M. Christian and/or Ralph Greco, Jr. (I manage a search of my name about five times a day), we are writers, first and foremost. And it is because of this writing, and in the case of our naughty podcast, our sex writing (here’s a bi-monthly column I had over at the sexpert.com site about sex writing specifically) that we began Licking Non-Vanilla. But as Chris and I always knew, once we got to talking, even if we tried to only talk sex writing and sex in general, we’d get onto other stuff. And it is all this we hope makes Licking Non-Vanilla interesting, sex writing talk plus everything else.

Episode 10 sees us getting into the publishing world of naughty scribbling and then expounding on the wide-world-of-kinks. Chris and I have been involved in the spanking, tit torture, ‘cupping’ for foreplay (just some of the many subjects our classes/writing has been about) scene for a few years now. Chris especially rode the wild ride of all things leather/spanking/polyamory ‘back-in-the-day’ during San Francisco’s headiest years of perversion and the sociability that came from it…long before all these kinky www.’s and Fifty Shades of Grey. So, we have some experience in what we speak about on this episode and have a fun time doing so.

Getting through the wacky world of publishing in the first half-hour, we then try to determine if kinks are different in other places, and if they are, why they might be. As much as you will find certain cities in the U.S. are well known for one kink or scene over another, one finds this is true of countries as well. Admittedly the Internet has blurred the borders a bit, and Chris and I discuss this as well, but I think at the end of the show, we exhaust our theories and, as always, give good podcast for the hour.

Oh, by the way. Our good friend, Dr. Lori Beth Bisbey, has just put up her podcast episode where she interviews Chris and has him read a piece of his fiction. You can find her show here. Dr. Lori interviewed me as well, and my show with her will soon be coming up soon.

So there you are, all caught up on our new episode and what’s happening in our world. Be well, keep listening, and make sure to use plenty of lube. 
As always , listen to the Licking-Non Vanilla Podcast here.

Do The ‘Linga’

As Chris and I are wont to do in the sex writing game we are in, I was sent a few toys from a shop that wanted me to review their wares. The place, Rendschina.com, sent over a pink Hitachi Wand and what they call their “Linga: Pulse Wave Lasting Training Device” (see the pictures above).

The Hitachi is pretty much the device we all know, a ‘wand’-like long massager with the bulbous head. I’ve always considered this mostly a lady’s vibrator. It’s been my experience (only in what I have heard of course…wink wink) that a Hitachi’s powerful punch makes is as much a favorite with some women as something others like to keep their nether parts far away from.

Admittedly, when it comes to any adult toy, it’s always a matter of individual preference over likes and dislikes.

The Linga, though, is quite an unusual animal. From what I was able to determine (again only from the most cursory of research, I am careful where I place myself these days) the thing which is, as you see, not more than an 8-inches long (please don’t ask me how I measured it!), has a flap opening on its underside, is made of durable, hypoallergenic plastic, and is ribbed in the area where one…well…’puts’ oneself. The Linga’s other side is made of harder plastic, and sports on/off vibration-changing button (there are five different patterns here).

The whole thing is powered, as lots of toys are these days, by a USB cord.

I’m not sure how much ‘training’ one could manage with this. The Linga’s vibrations are quite unnerving and robust (and the device very loud). I’m not saying it’s not effective, it damn well is, but like an Hitachi, this is a sex toy that one will either take too immediately or not take to at all. One could even enjoy the vibrator without placing one’s penis into it (or so I imagine) as holding the Linga against a body part will always produce some highly rhythmic responses.

I’m not shelling for Rends.com here. I am sure they are nice people, and their stuff I see is well made. I was sent these items and felt, why not give forth on a little review for us all here at Licking Non-Vanilla, get past the usual podcast pontification I usually make you suffer through and show you what we sex writers get up to lots of the time.

Keep listening…maybe you’ll hear the thrumming of my Linga in the far distance.

As always, you can find our podcast here.

Get Your LVN Swag

Come one, come all, down to the Tee Public Licking Non-Vanilla store (go here). You can order t-shirts, mugs, stickers and so much more with our open mouth, drippy lips logo and the name of our sexy podcast. As you see from the picture here (that’s our first-ever guest Miss Ava of showing off her assets for the cause….we thank her so much!), the swag we have is oh-so-sexy and oh-so-ready for you to snatch up and wear, use, display as you wish.

There is a tendency these days to splash one’s endeavors far and wide across that great Interweb thingie all the kids are ‘on.’ But one needs tread lightly with making sure what one posts, tweets, and certainly sells, is substantive…or at least this is the way all of us at Licking Non-Vanilla view our responsibility to our brand/product/name. This is why, we partnered with Tee Public, knowing that the items they produce and the manner in which they get the orders out is professional and the best it could be.

(I actually met the people of the New Jersey-based company at a NYC Comic Con and was as blown away by the display of their product as how enthusiastic the crew manning their table was when talking to anyone coming by). The way I figured it, if Tee Public is good enough for Kevin Smith to sell his stuff on, they’d be good enough for me.

I’m sure we will get other designs up into the store. But for right now we are offering our swag printed with, what we hope will become, our infamous logo. As you instantly know you’re in for a nice cool sweet sip when you see that Coca-Cola design and colors, we hope you will feel the same when you see and hopefully come to wear a LNV shirt or take a sip of coffee from one of our mugs. You are always sure to get a nice cool sweet sip of Chris and I imparting something naughty, fun and maybe even silly with Licking Non-Vanilla.

Once again, the Licking Non-Vanilla Tee Public store is here.

And you can find Miss Ava here.

Episode #9: We Talk To Bridget at HotMovies.com

The new episode of Licking Non-Vanilla is up, and on it, Chris and I talk to Bridget from HotMovies.com.
Chris and I ‘met’ Bridget writing articles for her site. Although a great big depository of porn films, H.M. also has an extensive “Spotlight” area where they feature interviews with adult stars, movie reviews, ‘Best Of,” listings, and the “Updated,” pieces Chris and I (and plenty of other excellent writers) contribute.
Having developed a solid working relationship with Bridget, although neither of us had ever spoken with her, Chris, and I, thought it would be fun to have her on.

We just didn’t know how much fun!

We learned a little bit about Bridget’s background, “how a nice girl like you” landed at Hotmovies.com. What exactly the website has and does. What Bridget looks for as an editor (this perspective is especially interesting we feel to all the writers out there, no matter what it is one might be writing) and we learned about all the new technology Hotmovies.com has that makes searching the massive site such a pleasure for the casual fan and porn connoisseur alike. Their MovieMaker Playlist section is terrific, and Bridget even talked to us about the latest in facial recognition software.
When it comes to porn and the net, the sky is the limit.
I know you think you know all there is to know about naughty films, where to get them and how to find the particular scenes, stars, and action you like. Whatever you enjoy, Hotmovies.com has it. Whatever you may not have found at other places, a search across Hotmovies.com will bring you to your particular promised land. Even those titles, scenes, and stars you have only ever heard or fantasized about are at Hotmovies.com.
Chris and I can’t thank Bridget enough, as much for her continued support of our writing work, coming onto the podcast to give us her time and her tireless efforts keeping us all warm and happy, making sure Hotmovies.com chugs along as well as it always did.
Thank you, Bridget.
And thank you for listening to us interview Bridget.

Speaking To Sweet Octavia Hunter

I don’t know what to say about our magnificent guest of episode # 8, but Octavia Hunter is tops in our little black book! I was introduced to the lady about a year ago but knew of her from way back. As much from her “Little Cinderella,” porn star name (or “Linda Cinderella,” a joke you will quickly understand from this episode), and her iconic turn in the movie Boogie Nights. Octavia is the one you see getting out of the limo near the beginning of the movie, at the pool party scene, with “The Colonel.” She has a famous OD-ing scene a few scenes later.

As you will hear from the episode, Octavia told us about meeting both Burt Reynolds, on the BN set, and later Jane Fonda on another movie, as well as regaling us about her life and times in porn in the 90s. But most importantly, we talked about female-empowerment, sex-positivity, and all that Octavia will be doing in the near future when her website is complete (you can go there now just to take a peek of what she has up so far at: https://littlecinderella.com/) and her memoir when it’s published next year.

What a super cool lady, Chris and I just had to keep her with us for the whole episode.

What we are trying to give you with Licking Non-Vanilla is impromptu guest-appearance shows as well as those one-on-one’s with just Chris and I, living the ‘variety is the spice of life,’ ethos to the max.

We do so hope you are enjoying what you are hearing. If you are or even if you aren’t, feel free to send us an email at Lickingnonvanilla@gmail.com. We really would love to hear from you.

In the meantime, enjoy Octavia. She was a fantastic guest, and we love her!

For Your Naughty Viewing Pleasure: Neil from Clips4Sale

undefinedFor Chris and my second-ever call-in guest, we were honored to speak to Neil, owner of Clips4Sale (that episode of Licking Non-Vanilla is up now). If you have never traipsed across the C4S website, I suggest you do so now. Go here. Go ahead, I’ll wait….

Yes, there is lots of stuff on Neil’s site! Celebrating its17th year, Clips4Sale boasts over 7 million available clips, showcasing over 1,000 fetishes from over 50,000 content producers. It’s unprecedented incredibly high traffic volume sees over 1.3 million daily page views and 20 million fetish-hungry visitors each month.

(Sure, go back to it after you’re done reading this blog, see if you ever come up for air!)

What I really like about Neil, something you are sure to find when listening to Chris and I jaw with the guy, is that he is so open and honest, so welcoming to anybody who wants to contact him (he displays his personal phone number on the site for anybody who wants to call in with a question or a comment). Neil is simply an honest guy wanting to give people what they are looking for and connect creators to their audiences. Clips4Sale consistently presents a product that is not only saleable, but all that folks hope to find when taking their libidos out searching across the net.

As he says:

“Clips4Sale is for everyone. We do not cater to a single group or focus only on certain things. It’s for all people to use and all people to be a part of.” 

Chris and I so want to thank Neil for his time and for making this episode of Licking Non-Vanilla so wonderful.

Images4Sale, Videos4Sale, and streaming video membership site C4SLive are also part of the Clips4Sale online multi-media entertainment experience. For more information about Clips4Sale, check the site as I mention above @ clips4sale.com or follow Twitter at @clips4sale and @cs4updates.undefined

Making The Sexpert.com 40 Best Sex Podcast 2020 List

Licking Non-Vanilla just made this top podcast list: https://www.sexpert.com/40-best-sex-podcasts-2020/. How wonderful! Chris and I are so very flattered!

Titled, The 40 Best Sex Podcasts that are Candid, Explicit, Titillating, Erotic, Mostly Hilarious, and Sometimes Very Strange Domina Doll over at the sexpert.com site, placed our hour of unexpurgated talk at #12 among the 40 she listed. We want to say thank you and compliment DD on her obviously superb taste.

As Domina lets us know, over 200 podcasts are dealing with “sex, relationships, and erotica,” so she managed the research for us all with this comprehensive list. She also promised that in the weeks ahead sexpert will review lots of these specific shows their: “Best Sex Podcasts 2020 Weekly Digest.” That digest will be brought to sexpert.com readers by Tickle.Life Podcasts, which supports a wide array of amazing #sexpositive adult podcasts!

As mentioned on our show as well as on here, Chris and I are aware that there are tons of places to listen to sexy talk online (although we had no idea we were among 200+). This is why we are so thrilled when people sign-up to Licking Non-Vanilla or, at the very least, give us a listen. With so many choices out there, it is wonderful to be recognized on a top 40 list or by someone stopping by. 

Chris and I don’t consider ourselves competing against all those others shows, as we feel we are part of a big network of people delivering sex-positive talk, something that’s so needed as the world gets ever more complicated. The podcasts Domina Doll indicates are giving forth on a global scale, so there is plenty of listeners ‘out there,’ coming from all walks of life, so many varied experiences and listening in from their homes or during their daily lives from so many corners of the planet.

 We are honored to be among the many serving listeners our specific brand of naughty fun.