Blush Erotica Releases New Scene Starring Lyric Sky

What can one do? When Blush Erotica launches a new scene, perveyors of sexy scenes have to pay attention.

The company’s latest, “Secret Service stars Lyric Sky and Billy Pilgrim..

As is true of all B.E. content, this scene is enhanced by the voice over from Suv Auracle reading a story by Lola Rae.

The scene was directed and produced by Stacy Lyle and was shot by The Sinematographer. 

“Working with Lyric Sky was on my goal list for 2022. She’s such a graceful and beautiful woman,” said Stacy Lyle. “She’s wonderful to work with and she and Billy Pilgrim made a wonderful scene together.”

In the scene Billy protect and service is Pilgrims is working hard to protect and serve, as the bodyguard of exclusive entertainer, Lyric Sky. As the lady’s rigorous tour schedule starts to wear on her, she notices how handsome Billy is and she quickly adds a duty to his contract: pleasure. Billy, being the trooper that he is, doesn’t seem to mind, he is there to serve his client to the best of his ability.

Hot sex scenes of Lola first slowly seducing Billy, then the two engaging in oral sex, pounding for all positions, make for another knock-it-out-the-park Blush Erotica scene you just have to see

Blush Erotica is an AVN and XBIZ award-nominated company, a unique concept in adult entertainment where narrated voiceovers provide an additional layer of erotica to hardcore porn. They take top-level stories (and I can humbly say I have written a few for them) employ sexy voice over readers and then some of the hottest on-camera talent, to present scenes like you have never seen.

The company recently launched a new VR site, The site follows the parent company’s ethos of “Every Body Is Beautiful” and is one of the only size-inclusive VR sites on the market.

Those interested may follow Blush Erotica on Instagram, Twitter, and Reddit.

BanksieTV Debuts ‘Like a VRgin’ Interview Series

BanksieTV is proud to present, ‘Like a VRgin,’ an innovative SexTech Interview Series hosted by Lindsey Banks. The series can be viewed at

Creator Lindsey Banks stated, “We want to bring awareness on mindfulness when it comes to content and creating technologies to be more inclusive to people with disabilities. Getting to indulge working on a passion project like this one is amazing and a lot of work which I get to learn from while appreciating the artistic innovative ways we can combine adult, art and technology.” 

‘Like a VRgin’ is a groundbreaking series of 360 VR interviews with cam star Lindsey Banks. In each episode, Banks will also reveal custom 3-D modeled visuals of the guests and includes bonus extended content for her new audio-only podcast. These 3-D avatars will also be part of an interactive gallery experience hosted on the Metaverse, On YouTube, ‘Like a VRgin’ implements spatial audio with additional content. See more at

 As part of BanksieTV’s core mission to promote diversity and inclusion in the VR space, the company seeks to create spaces that enhance the experience for every individual, including impaired and handicapped users. 

“We get better with every episode,” explained Banks. “And the appeal is more than just the VR experience, it’s the revolution of change and technology.”

Based in Texas, Lindsey Banks is a global multiple award-winning CamStar and community figure. During the last decade, Banks ascended to the throne as official cam royalty by using her diverse platforms to elevate and mobilize the cam community. The Queens of Cams has a rich background in hosting numerous award shows and red carpet events, in addition to her active participation in industry seminars and projects. As a former Fleshlight Girl, the first official Pornhub Collaborator, and Flirt4Free’s Lifetime Achievement Award recipient, Banks is also the Creative Director of BanksieTV, a worldwide brand promoting/sharing awareness and unity in the community and SexTech.

For more information, visit Banks’ official website at and follow her on Twitter at @QueenBanksie and BanksieTV and YouTube at BanksieTV channel and Banksie channel.

Press inquiries can be directed to Kristel at  

Star Factory Signings At AVN

For those attending the AVN Convention, here is a listing of Star Factory PR Client Signing Times. From Sara St. Clair, Linzee Ryder, Adreena Winters, Sin Sage, Alexis Fawx, Jenna Starr, Dee Siren, Scarett Jones, and Britney Amber. Now you know this porn fan convention will be packed to the rafters with fans and the adult scene talent manning their booths, singing pictures and DVD fronts and taking selfies. The below gives you a good indicated of who will be where when.

We can’t thank SFPR enough for this intel.

If you are going to the show, be safe, have fun and enjoy meeting these stars.

The schedule is as follows:

January 5th, Thursday   Noon – 2 PM Sara St Clair @ AVN Booth
Noon – 4 PM Linzee Ryder @ LoyalFans booth
2 PM – 4 PM Adreena Winters @ AVN Booth
3 PM – 5 PM Sara St Clair @ 101 Modeling Booth
3 PM – 6 PM Sinn Sage @ Inked Vixens booth
4 PM – 8 PM Alexis Fawx @ Brazzers booth
4 PM – 8 PM Linzee Ryder @ OC Modeling booth
4 PM – 8 PM Jenna Starr @ OC Modeling booth
January 6th, Friday   Noon – 4 PM Alexis Fawx @ Brazzers booth
Noon – 2 PM Sara St. Clair @ AVN Booth
2 PM – 4 PM Linzee Ryder @ OC Modeling booth
3 PM – 5 PM Sara St. Clair @ 101 Modeling booth
4 PM – 6 PM Britney Amber @ AVN booth
4 PM – 8 PM Jenna Starr @ OC Modeling booth
4 PM – 8 PM Sinn Sage @ Inked Vixens booth
4 PM – 8 PM Linzee Ryder @ Spank Chain booth
5 PM – 7 PM Sara St. Clair @ LoyalFans booth
January 7th, Saturday   11 AM – 1 PM Sara St. Clair @ 101 Modeling booth
11 am – 2 pm Jenna Starr @ OC Modeling booth
1 PM – 2 PM Sara St. Clair @ AVN booth
2 pm – 4 pm Britney Amber @ AVN booth

For Dee Siren ( and Scarlett Jones (, please see their Twitter accounts for updates. Tanya Tate will only be onsite at the AVN Awards for Adult Empire red-carpet interviews.

Ralph’s New Book

Ok, time to brag.

Why not start off the New Year with something personal to yawp about, right?

First of all, let me say for all of the Licking non-Vanilla crew, we wish you the very best 2023 (and beyond): good health, productivity and happiness for you and your families. All self-promotion aside, if we all get to enjoy life a little bit better than the year previous, what could be better, right?

So, our very best to you (plus our very naughtiest).

Ok, so on to the meat-and-taters.

Along with our new #43, our Exxxotica NJ 2022 round-up, first-of-the-year episode up today, I am announcing the publication of my new themed short story collection NAUGHTY SHORTS: 34 Very Short Very Hot Stories, from my most favorite (and the very first) publisher to release a full book of fiction from me.

What I did with these little quick tales was set a restriction for myself (and we all know how much Chris and I like a little restriction) settling on a 1,000 max word count for each tale told. Tending to work in the short form, be it when writing music, one act plays or fiction, the last thing I ever want to do is bore a reader, listener, audience. To do so, is to me, a true real cardinal sin. I am happiest (and at my most successful) when making something make sense while I make it as brief as possible.

Collected in this book are thirty-four tales of an erotic stripe: some subtle; some skirting the bounds of fem dom (sue me, that happens to be a particular interest of mine when writing smut); some in the 3rd person, others first; some gay, lots hetero; some even of a futuristic/fantasy/ sci-fi type. But they are all under the one-thousand-words.

You can buy NAUGHTY SHORTS: 34 Very Short Very Hot Stories: here.

And again, Happy New Year from us all.

Episode #43: The Big & Sexy Exxxotica NJ 2022 Highlight Show: Video, Pics, Comments And Chris Reveals His Big Rocket

Chris and I finally get into Exxxotica NJ 2022 (yes, it’s been a bit since the show, but the holidaze gave us a great big slam so it took a while to get this episode #43 to you.) Along with video and pictures (some of which you have seen in this blog space previously), I give forth on my boots-on-the-ground experience and Chris helps me figure the scene. Featuring such sexy ladies as Lilly Bell and Lauren Phillips (to name just a few I have mentioned before and we finally show in this show) this was the porn-fan convention to attend, that’s for sure.
As you’ll hear on episode #43 (after Chris shows his meaty big rocket) Chris and I expound on our good friends Jay and Connor from YNOT, two guys I hooked up with at Exxxotica, who I hadn’t seen in just about as long as Chris has. We gab a bit about conventions in general and the state of porn; the changes are very telling by what I saw that Exxxotica, as Chris and I have talked about, spoken to many female stars about. Exxxotica was sure proof of the state of adult presently as well as its future.

It also was proof of how much the populace has missed each other, being the crowdest Exxxotica I have ever been to…and I wrote about in this blog already. People are just so happy to be able to be around and about other people, that’s for shit sure! Sure, porn fans get out and about as rabidly as sci-fi and horror fans (and Chris and I happen to be fans of porn, horror and sci-fi!) but they ‘got out’ at this 2022 NJ version of Exxxotica in a great big way.

As I have said often and will say here again, we have to thank Erika Icon for her help in not only connecting me with many of the lovely ladies I met at Exxxotic this time, but also for helping to grease the wheels to get me and my photographer/video taker into the convention.

So, thank you Erika.

We hope you enjoy this first-ever show from Licking Non-Vanilla. Get yourself out to an Exxxotica if you can, they don’t just happen in my home state. Go here to find more info on what’s coming next year.

So, catch the sights and sounds of our NJ Exxotica 2022 round-up here:

Licking Non-Vanilla 43 – Ralph’s Exxxotica NJ 2022 Highlights – YouTube,

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Kink Queens Cover Girl Sabian DeMonia Stars In New Scene From

Content creator/fetish model/adult star Sabian DeMonia featured as the Kink Queens cover model for issue 19A and 19B, Fall 2018, stars in the new exclusive scene “Endless Nightmare” for’s Divine Bitches brand.

A power outage at his home sees Alec Hardy going to investigate. Sabian all too quickly captures him, strips him naked, and ties him to a stripper pole. Alec gets his face slapped, endures name calling, gets smothered by the Sabian’s gorgeous huge breasts, her ample round ass; is dressed in lingerie, has lipstick applied, and then a giant dildo shoved both down his throat as up his ass (in smokin’ hot pegging scene from a topless Sabian). Later the lady puts Alec in a

Eastern European redheaded tattooed DeMonia says she based the scene on a horror movie called “Lights Out.” “Since the scene was released near Halloween, I wanted to give it a little spooky and creative vibe. I came up with the concept of the scene based I Alec’s real-life story and his deepest fears ad phobias.” 

“I love how my with Kink allows me to be not only creative but also allows me to connect with my industry friends on totally different levels,” the lady added.

Just like Kink Queens, has been known to connect with a worldwide audience of kinksters for quite some time, consistently delivering unique product. There really is no studio quite like, with its multitude of specific brands delivering the very best array of fetish content. Whatever one is into, one will find it at (as they will at Kink Queens).

Chris and I spent a wonderful couple of nights on two different visits, at’s “Castle,” the old armory building the company owned when they were based in San Francisco. The brand certainly knew how to throw a party as well as provide some arresting live kink entertainment.


Here’s where you can watch a trailer and purchase for this ultra-kinky, wild and hot scene: Endless Nightmare: Sabien Demonia and Alec Hardy (

Fans can help Linzee take home an AVN Awards trophy by voting for her

Linzee Ryder has received a nomination for “Hottest MILF” in the 2023 AVN Awards competition. The stunning brunette beauty has had a fantastic year of creating exciting erotic content, treating her fans to new videos across multiple platforms. These platforms include OnlyFans, LoyalFans, SextPanther, and ManyVids. Keeping viewers engaged in her special way, Linzee has now found herself as a contender for the AVN Awards’ Hottest MILF.

“I am so excited to be nominated for Hottest MILF,” said Linzee. “I have the best job in the world! I would be honored if my fans, friends, and followers voted for me.”

Even the most casual porn watcher knows that MILF scenes are a hot property presently, where a great many talented ladies show off their skills and desires, filtered through a more ‘mature’ sensibility…and lots of naughty experience. For Linzee to be nominated in AVN’s round-up of the Hottest MILFS of this past year is an honor indeed; there is stiff (and we do mean ‘stiff) competition out there for these mom’s we’d like to fuck. But among them all, Linzee Ryder certainly rises to the high-end of the performers of this particular genre.

Fans can presently vote for Linzee to win the Hottest MILF top spot by going here: until noon on Saturday, January 7th, 2023. Adults need first to create an account at and then will be allowed five votes in each category per day. The winners will be announced at the 40th annual AVN Awards, live-streamed on

Linzee Ryder is represented by OC Modeling ( 626-9550 or (818) 298-6939) To book Linzee for a feature dance appearance, visit: and

To enjoy more of Linzee Ryder, visit her social network at the links below:
Amazon Wishlist

Free The Nipple…Finally?

Look, I’m down. I like the female nipple as much as the next hetero guy. But by all accounts, or maybe just because we’ve come to the end of it, the #freethenipple movement seems to have reached a watershed in 2022.

We had Doja Cat baring gold-plated Schiaparelli nipples at the Billboard Music Awards, Kendall Jenner showing off on the Met Ball stairs, and Florence Pugh revealing nipple in Rome through a pink Valentino. Victoria De Angelis hit the VMAs in a Gucci bodysuit, one breast exposed sporting a heart-shaped pasty, Bella Thorne attended a screening of the film Morbius in a Sergio Castaño Peña gown, surely showing lots of her attributes, and Olivia Wilde wore a sheer Alexandre Vauthier at the Academy Museum Gala.

What a year, huh?

It seems this “Free the Nipples” stuff started in 2012, during pre-production on a documentary bearing the same name as the movement. This full-length U.S. film illuminated viewers on “the inequality of the legislation on torso nudity,” of which I surely was not aware there was this inequality, and the FTN spread globally from this point.

Ladies began to strip and expose across the world, with more than 200 ladies and men marching shirtless on a beach in the UK, topless activists arrested for indecent exposure during a Bernie Sanders campaign and the French breastfeeding awareness campaign COPAM amping up their support of mothers feeding children naturally in public.

Hey, great, I say. Let the nipples free.

My only takeaway from all of this mammary bruhaha, is…what’s the big deal? We all have nipples, guys as well as girls, mammals in general. Surely, we see more breast-flesh real estate in modern-day music video “drops” or on any of the many “Real Housewives Of”… shows, when nipple and even areola aren’t exposed.

I have held the opinion for years that the nipple, the dent of the booty, the head of a penis, scare censors, theologians and just the sexually uninitiated because these parts of the body with them the connotation of secretion (nipples=milk, crack of the ass then anus=poopie, penis heads= ejaculate or the worst of all…pee) and we simply can’t abide even a hint of this possibility, of that which makes us human/animals. A body is fine to look at, but don’t dare hint at its smells, or stickiness!

So, we keep the nipples, ass-crack, penis under wraps…or so it seems to have been until this year. Maybe we are on to a better and brighter world?   


Lauren Phillips Ends 2022 with a 2-Night Feature at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in St. Louis

Sexy statuesque fiery redhead influencer, adult actress, gamer, and model Lauren Phillips is ending 2022 with a bang—she’s featuring Friday, December 30th, and Saturday, December 31st (New Year’s Eve) at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in St. Louis.

Lauren’s headlining Friday and Saturday nights at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in St. Louis. Friday will be a warm-up party and a good time, but Saturday is the highly anticipated New Year’s Eve Party with special NYE Party Packages. On both nights, Lauren will have multiple live stage shows. Fans and club patrons will have multiple chances to meet Lauren at meet and greets, snap a selfie with her, and buy her exclusive merch, including her Kiiroo stroker. The ginger superstar also is doing VIP lap dances for the ultimate Lauren Phillips experience.

“I’m excited to be headlining at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club in St. Louis—it’s a great way to end the year. My fans in the area are some of my most devoted, and I’m sure they will pack the club out. You’ll definitely want to get there early both nights for the best seats and to make sure you get into the club,” says Lauren.

Known as the best gentlemen’s club in St. Louis and a must-see venue, Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club lives up to the brand name with tasteful décor, beautiful women, happy hour specials, and VIP bottle/table specials for a more exclusive experience. Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club is located at 5420 Bunkum Road in Washington Park, Illinois. For more info about the venue and/or how to go VIP, visit or call 618.874.9334.

 Book Lauren to feature at your gentlemen’s club by contacting David at Centerfold Strips Entertainment via email or phone at 877.427.8747.

 To interview Lauren for your site, publication, or show, contact Erika Icon of The Rub PR at

Keep up with Lauren’s socials @Twitter and Instagram at @LaurenFillsup and Snapchat at @missfillsup. Gamers can interact with her on Twitch on Thursdays and Sundays at 6pm PST/9pm EST. Go BTS and subscribe to her Premium Snap and free and premium OnlyFans Buy her clips on ManyVids Talk dirty and text her on SextPanther Watch and “like” her Pornhub videos at or go premium and buy her Modelhub videos And get her links in one place at

TeamSkeet Drops 15 Wild Scenes This Week!

Talk about a whole buncha stuff for a whole buncha different porn watching tastes…
TeamSkeet gets into the swing of things with a whopping 15 new scenes this week from the studio’s most popular series, and new members can take advantage of 80% off their subscriptions when they clickJoin’.
TeamSkeet Features and presents Deep Analysis: A Swap Movie – now available to all members, starring Aaliyah Love, Coco Lovelock, Penny Barber, Theodora Day, Calvin Hardy, Jack Vegas & Jay Crew.

Dad Crush is “Getting Naughty For Something Nice”, starring Emma Rosie & Jay Rock

I Made Porn – “Call the Delivery Guy”, starring Nicole Doshi & Mike Mancini

Bad MILFS – “Teaching Her Invaluable Life Skills”, starring Arabelle Raphael, Aften Opal & Oliver Faze

Exxxtra Small – “Unpacking His Big Load”, starring Jade Kimiko & Sergeant Miles

Family Strokes – “A Lovely Time of Year Pt. 3: We Love You Anyways”, starring Kay Lovely, Nikki Zee, Oliver Faze & Tommy Gunn

Shoplyfter – “Case No. 7906225 – The Happy Holidays Thief”, starring Amber Summer & Rusty Nails

Sis Loves Me – “Jingle Bells Fuck”, starring Britt Blair, Emma Starletto & Alex Jett

The Real Workout – “Balance and Grace”, starring Scarlett Alexis & Donnie Rock

Perv Doctor – “A Cold Case Closed”, starring Kyler Quinn, Hadley Haze & Jay Crew

Step Siblings – “Double the Kisses”, starring Dharma Jones, Nicole Aria & Joshua Rivers

FreeUse Fantasy – “Study Break”, starring Ella Reese, Mina Luxx & Donnie Rock

Teen Pies – “A Tight (And Wet) Bond”, starring Khloe Kapri & Peter Green

Daughter Swap – “Santa on My Mind”, starring Alexia Anders, Kimmy Kimm, Jay Crew & Tommy Pistol

Perv Mom – “New Year’s Curse”, starring Artemisia Love, Penelope Woods & Alex Jett

TeamSkeet, 2022’s Pornhub Award winner for ‘Most Popular Network’, boasts an extensive erotic collection of more than 120 network series and 65 premium series, featuring 9,000+ scenes that highlight the talents of more than 3,300 performers ranging from amateurs to superstars.

Visit and follow on Twitter @teamskeet and Instagram @teamskeetsociety