The 6th International Congress On Love & Sex With Robots

Sex with robots, I’ll give ya. Love though…mmm, I’m not so sure. But the 6th International Congress On Love & Sex With Robots is determined to set us all straight.

Happening across Zoom, from 8/18-20th this summer; the conference features Dr. Justin R. Garcia, Dr. Markie L.C. Twist, Dr. Lara Karaian and Robosexual, iDollator, and Advocate for artificial humans, Dovecat as keynote speakers.

Indeed, not your everyday pipefitters convention or even close to the kink get-togethers Chris and I have taught at (and God please, let the kink conventions start again, I need to see my buddy as we give instructions on tit torture, writing smut and how the ancient art of cupping can add so much fun to one’s sex life), this meeting-up, created by David Levy, with Professor Adrian Cheok, in 2014, represents an interest I did not know existed. Well…ok…I guess I assumed it did, as much from reading all the sci-fi I have and seeing the recent rise of A.I. But I had no idea whole conferences were occurring that explored the idea of Sex, let alone, Love with robots, in what seems to be a true academic manner.

As should be expected from what you hear Chris and I expound upon on the show (which you can hear here, here and here, to name just a few places) and seeing as we are as much erotica writers as we are fantasists writing across the genres of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror, the sexual interplay between aliens, humans and aliens, humans and synthetic beings and just sex between artificial beings, is certainly something we’d condone, just as long as all parties consent.

Which is pretty much always our rule. I know, we’re silly that way.

And as we all know, what is one day just the wild imaginings of science fiction and fantasy often comes to be the reality we live. So sex, and maybe indeed even love with robots, maybe not be something that’s coming, as much as it is here, right now.

If you are interested in this topic or just want to have a look-see on the conference’s website, please go here to check them out: LSR 2021.

Say Hi To House of Denial and a Ralph Greco, Jr. story there

Paraphrasing the good bard, Chris and I always say: “There are more kinks in heaven and Earth, Horatio,/Than are evert dreamt of in your wildest imaginings.” And one of these kinks a good amount of folks ‘think up’ and enjoy is chastity.

Denied orgasm, sex, a tickle for long periods or as a lifestyle, whether inflicted on sub by dom (although, remember, as Chris and I tell you all the time, the dom doesn’t inflict anything on the sub the sub does not want, or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work in a healthy consensual power exchange) or someone locking themselves down of their own accord, can take on all manner of styles, employ a whole bunch of technologies, and be aided by a litany of really cool, nasty devices.

A great place to buy those chastity devices (for males) is the wonderful House of Denial online store.

What can also be found at this UK-based retailer that invites folks to “experience the pleasure of denial” is fiction, namely, a short story (one of a bunch I hope to write for these wonderful folks) from me: (see here). I want to thank Mistress K and D, the founders and owners of House of Denial, for posting my story and welcoming more.

I hope for a long fruitful, fun relationship with them.

For those who have tipped a toe (although it’s usually some other body part) into chastity or play with it regularly, folks often find very expensive cages and belts. But Mistress K and D work very hard to bring consumers well-tested, safe products at affordable prices. They also provide an open forum for shoppers to send queries and questions, and they love to hear feedback on their products and the way people are coming to play with them.

They’ll also post pictures of people using their products.

From metal chastity devices, plastic and silicone cock cages to the futuristic ‘cellmate’ line of cages and “trainers,” all a man needs for wrestling the best part of him into submission can be found at House of Denial.

You can now follow Mistress K on Twitter, where she posts Her chastity art and links to any reviews that she writes for the House of Denial blog on Twitter@MistressKHoD. And go to their Twitter account Twitter@houseofdenial.  When you drop by, tell Mistress K and D we sent you.

And be sure to ‘drop by’ our podcast, here, here and here.

de Blasio Loves Porn?

Like him or not, consider him effective or not much more than another politico talking-head, it seems New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s has a good idea…at least where sex work is concerned. It was revealed this week that the Mayor is calling on state-wide decriminalization of sex workers. The mayor claims energy instead should be focused on the apprehension and full legal consequence being leveled on those who exploit and profit from the human trafficking.
Like most writers I know who work in the adult field have been on about for years, sex work and sex trafficking are very often combined in the old “painting with a big brush” sweep of the facts. But one is not the other. And while the former should certainly not be illegal (in my humble opinion), the latter most reasoned people would agree is heinous and should have the law focusing its full attention (energy) on, the two are often lumped together when politicians, theologians, or supposed judges of social mores get their dander up.
It’s nice to see someone acknowledging they are not the same and maybe making some headway on treating the issues sanely.
In New York City, sex work has certainly gone completely underground over the past few decades. In his attempt to clean-up (some would say “Disney-fy”) the Times Square area of Manhattan, Mayor Rudy Guliani (again, another public servant many as much like as not) rid midtown Manhattan, especially the infamous 42nd street, of its naughty movie theaters, ‘peep show’ palaces and prostitution. Not that porn was doing big business any longer in movie houses by Guliani’s time (it had been supplanted by first videotape, then DVD and now downloading) or that lots of the prostitutes had not moved out of the 42nd street area (it became even too dangerous for them) or that there are not some good old sex shop/strip booth places still in existence in the surrounding area. But sex work, as it used to exist in New York, is no more.
As it has always been in some parts of Nevada, if de Blasio were to legalize prostitution (at the very least), the state could gain from taxing sex workers. The workers could see some legislated health regulations as well as some sure safety protocols put into place. All very good things indeed.
Time will only tell.

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Get Spanked…But Do They Care?

Not so much anymore, but there was a time that styles, opinions given, and performances on televised awards shows were often thought ‘edgy’ and outrageous, courted some controversy. In the past year, audiences all but gone from the theaters for the broadcasts or shows rendered across claustrophobic virtual-only showings, the diminished return of super-low ratings, (see here), and lackluster performances have left more than one viewer wondering, ‘Why bother?’

This year’s Grammy’s tried their best, with attendees sadly matching their alt. couture to the masks they wore, keeping-up a ‘new’ anything-but normal approach. But this award show was, as they have been growing too, even before the pandemic… kind of, well, ok, at best. What passes for outrageous costuming (which is just women showing skin) and cultural/political statements fall under the big umbrella of virtue-casting at best, maudlin retreads at worse. And this year’s big Grammy’s controversy was not much more than a big-staged stripper routine.

The National Center on Sexual Exploitation called out Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s performance of “WAP” at the 63rd Grammy’s, saying it “….could have been cut from a hardcore pornography film” and “…contributed to the sexual exploitation of women by glamorizing prostitution and stripping.” It seems the NCOSE did not like the silvery skin-showing outfits the ladies wore (for Cardi a big bikini, Megan a silver bodysuit) as much as how close the women got on top of an oversized-bed set piece.

But watching the performance once again, I have to think; this is what’s got the NCOSE up in arms? This is what I heard conservative radio condemning? This is what makes the news these days?

Man, are we ever starved for something to talk about!

As it always is with stuff like this, one man’s poison is another man’s; what you consider naughty I consider tame; what I think kinky you might regard as your usual Tuesday night. Sure, the NCOSE has every right to call out that which they want. But can any of us rightly imagine that what those divas got up to at the Grammy’s last Sunday “contributed to the sexual exploitation of women by glamorizing prostitution and stripping,”? I’m not so sure.

First of all, if the ladies were indeed “glamorizing prostitution and stripping,” what’s so wrong with that? Plenty of women and men strip for a living. Furthermore, if this country was a little less Puritanical (ok, a lot less) in its views on sex and certainly if we could have national legalization of prostitution, that profession could be regulated (and taxed) and the people who work in it infinitely better protected. Of course, I am all for our lawmakers searching for and taking down sex-trafficking at every turn, and against the abuses of non-consensual engagement of any kind. But adults engaging in prostitution (whether the buyer or supplier) and stripping should be allowed to follow those pursuits legitimately.

As for Cardi and Megan, I think I might be so bold to offer the oft lambasted heterosexual male p.o.v. here. As they do in the WAP video, I believe Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion were making a statement, through lyric, costuming, and gyration on the current state of female empowerment, both the many strides ladies have made recently and those they have not.

And I’d venture a guess that these two powerhouse performers of the current music business are comporting themselves precisely as they want.

Needing Another Lash From “A Touch Of Brimstone”

So, my wonderful friend and my co-host at this podcast, M. Christian, sent over this link for something he and I have now come to discuss on the show twice, the deliciously naughty 1966 episode A Touch Of Brimstone from the seminal British adventure series THE AVENGERS. As Chris and I have gushed plenty of times on the podcast (and you can find the Licking Non-Vanilla podcast, here, here, and here, to name just a few places) and in private, this is one extremely non-vanilla episode in an otherwise already very unusual TV show of the time.

As the link above elaborates, “Brimstone” appeared near the tail end of season four of THE AVENGERS, when the show was still being filmed in black and white (which makes the goings-on even more incredible, really). In it, Patrick Macnee as urbane and cool John Steed and Diana Rigg, as pretty much every young boy (and plenty of older men’s) living, breathing karate- chopping, tight-bodysuit wearing wet dream, Emma Peel, infiltrate a secret society called The Hellfire Club (for those denizens of kinky getting together, plenty of kink clubs have been named the same in many a city across the world, based on a name that goes way back in history). In the show, this group consists of a fair amount of reprobates, men and women both, with the men certainly stretching the bounds of what would be considered permissible to our venerable #metoo-ers these days.

Near the end of the episode our delicious beautiful Miss Peel, certainly nobody’s push-over (a definite role-model for feminists then as she should be today) is made to change into a tight black corset, spiked dog collar and leather-knee high boots, an outfit Riggs designed herself, less anyone think the actress was being exploited. In fact, Riggs, who would come to fight for a salary increase to the fright and non-support of her agent and the show’s producers, would come to be seen as a fashion icon of the times. Often what she wore on the show would be soon seen in the fashionable, swinging 60’s shops of London. The point being, Riggs was aware of her image, what she was showing and how she was showing it and had very much a say in her image and style at the time.

She certainly looks every bit the dominatrix here, no doubt one of the many fantasies watchers of this series had to have been thinking about her. When the main guy chases Peel around with a whip (so heavily edited on its TV showing only one lash of the whip was seen and heard), kinky 60’s viewers must have been salivating as much as you will if you watch this episode now.

Not that you should be surprised but A Touch Of Brimstone was banned in the US because of Rigg’s “Queen of Sin” outfit and the overall subject matter. As an additional factoid, later Monty Python leading lady Carol Cleveland bubbles and bounces forth in this episode for some great humor.

Yes, there is no denying the impact of a Fifty Shades of Grey, or any truly sexy/kinky/far-from-center sexual artistic sexual portrayal of the past few decades. But delving back just slightly, you are sure to find little gems like A Touch Of Brimstone and get a thrill.

This good stuff is out there. Have fun looking. Report back to us what you find.

And thanks Chris.

Octavia Hunter Redux

On our Episode #22, which you can listen to here, here, and here, (to name just a few places), Chris and I talk, once again, to the amazingly sexy, or is it sexily amazing, Octavia Hunter. Octavia visited us way back on our episode #8, dropping some tidbits about her new book No Cinderella Story; that book is now just about to be published! 

As she did way back about a year or so ago, Octavia once again regaled us over the liberally unique or is that uniquely liberal use of pina coda mix in porn movies and how much she loves anal…NOT! We also jawed a fair bit with the lovely smart lady or is that smart, lovely lady, about what she, me, and Chris think might happen when the COVID lockdown is over and how we all might go about our lives and business. 

Octavia, Chris, and I happen to be especially interested in how we all might promote the work we do, namely publishing books, beyond posting across social media, etc. No matter how long the transition takes to come back to some semblance of a normal out there (if we will ever come all the way back to it), for the foreseeable future, we all have to work within the confines of what is happening around us…whether one is writing a memoir like Octavia did, or some naughty fiction or sex book ‘How To,’ which Chris and I do and did (that sexy ‘How To’ should be coming out soon and I’ll you know when).

By the way, Octavia’s book, No Cinderella Story, is fantastic. I got my hands on a copy because I am that special (actually I begged her for one, yes on hands and knees, in a dog collar, panting “Octavia. Octavia,” over and over….that’s just how I roll). I can tell you this is one startling honest, sometimes silly, often harrowing account of a woman who survived so much and lives to tell the tale, lives ever better every day, in fact. Her story is inspiring, heartbreaking, unnerving, and yes, even really naughty when Octavia takes the reader through her porn working days.

It’s an immersive, grab-you-by-the-short-hairs read that won’t let go.

Here is Octavia’s website. Go there to find out when you can grab your very own copy of her book and to contact her in the various way one can for the various things one can contact her for and about.

We thank the magically intuitive or is that intuitively magical, Octavia Hunter, for stopping by once again and wish her all the very best luck and a healthy future, as we wish everyone. 

Protect Yourself with a Coronapussy Mask

As a dyed-in-the-wool, born, bred, and will-always-live-here New Jersian, I have taken plenty of knocks about my great state being nothing much more than a 2-hour freeway drive through factories as well as the birthplace for “The Jersey Shore, “T.V. show. Ok, I’ll take those hits. But we have produced Sinatra and Springsteen, have amazing vast spaces of rolling farmland (really, I can take you to a bunch of gorgeous spots you’d be gobsmacked to learn are part of the Garden Stare) and an infinite amount of fantastic diners.
We also now have Angela “Angie” Anderson.
Losing her job during the pandemic, the 55-year-old N.J. lady let her entrepreneurial spin to its fullest and came up with the perfect item so needed for this time. Angie’s company Coronapussy produces face masks that carry the scent of…well, I’ll let you figure it out by the name of her company.
Less anyone thinks her masks, selling just under 5.00 dollars, are lewd or even kind, well, odorous, Angie’s first run of 500 sold out in 24 hours.
Beyond the actual creation of each mask, Angie makes sure that every one enjoys a rigorous two-hour application to the lady’s part whose scent it will carry. Any less time, Angie warns the mask’s particular uniqueness would dissipate all too quickly.
Now here’s a lady who believes in quality control.
Angie is presently producing another run of masks, and she claims that a penis-scented mask is in the works. It’s nice to see she has such a discerning clientele.

Battling the dreaded pandemic in such an interesting way, one could say Angie is as much putting her money (time and invention) where her mouth is as allowing lots of her customers to put their mouth (and nose) to where they most want to stick it. Thank God for people like my fellow New Jersian, battling COVID-19, the best way she sees how.

Find Angie and Coronapussy on Instagram@angie.coronapussy.

Episode #21 Now Up!

Our just downloaded 21st episode is called Where Are My Naughty Red Lights Going? Chris and on it I discuss how Amsterdam’s infamous “De Wallen” Red Light district might be moving. I’ve already expounded on this across this blog, but Chris and I give forth on the movement about the move, and then we get into a whole bunch of other cultural news.

I know things never remain the same, but there are just some things I hope will. The De Wallen is so charming, seemingly so regulated, and so perfectly situated I can’t see moving it. Still, Chris and I try to postulate some positivity on the place being possibly moved to another spot in Amsterdam.

We will all have to see how things shake out.

We then get into the question of legalizing sex work, drug legalization, and all the regular fun stuff of Amsterdam and other cities Chris and I have been to.

The thing about the U.S. where Chris and I live and where the LNV podcast originates is that we have so much here. Whether one grabs what they want legally or slightly to the left of the law, there’s lots of stuff that can be easily gotten, enjoyed, and yes, fucked, sucked and tickled. America is the land of opportunity, in so many ways. But if one does not travel, and one is born/bred and lives in the U.S., one tends to think all we have (and again we have lots) is all there is of the world, or how things are done everywhere is how we do things.

And this is simply not true, but it’s something you’ll never realize unless you step over some ancient cobblestone street or visit an ancient Pompeii house of ill repute (as I once did). I’m not saying it’s better or worse here or there; better or worse is subjective, and you will find it in whatever measure you come to see things. I’m just saying that beyond the U.S., things are done differently and sometimes with centuries of more profound historical significance than we do here, in our young country.

Find the Licking Non-Vanilla podcast here and here.

The Sad Saga of “Mrs. Poindexter, Sacred Heart Search and the OnlyFans app

As we have too often seen, a church has once again come to attack a free, honest, and in the case below, lucrative expression of sex.

A Sacramento mom took to OnlyFans about a year ago (after first posting on Reddit first), hoping to bring some spark back into her 14-year-old marriage. Posing for her husband’s camera, Crystal Jackson posted “pin-up” type pics and sexy stories. Crystal, known as Tiffany Poindexter, (or “Mrs. Poindexter” on the OnlyFans app), along with her husband, saw their OnlyFans account earn 15k in their first month (yes, Crystal looks pretty damn hot) to their financials rising to ten times that in a year.

People in the Jacksons’ community, specifically those who attend the Sacred Heart Parish church and the school, weren’t so thrilled. Within the past seven months, after a dad found Crystals pictures and identity wild-fire gossip (and the sharing of copyrighted pictures) prompted friends and neighbors to ostracize the 44-year-old mom and her family by sending derogatory texts and emails to the couple. Now Sacred Heart has expelled the Jackson’s three kids from their school.

The Sacred Heart principal emailed the below to the Jackson’s as way of explanation:

“Your apparent quest for high-profile controversy in support of your adult website is in direct conflict with what we hope to impart to our students and is directly opposed to the policies laid out in our Parent/Student Handbook. We therefore require that you find another school for your children and have no further association with ours.”

In this time of a worldwide pandemic, might we have a whole bunch more important stuff to worry about than what some 40-something mom is doing, under the watchful eye of her hubby no less, on the perfectly legal OnlyFans site? And, to make a not-so-small point about what Sacred Heart calls “what we hope to impart to our students and is directly opposed to the policies laid out in our Parent/Student Handbook” might one ask about all that kid-touching stuff their venerable brethren have been involved with for quite some time and their powers-that-be are still trying to cover up?

You want to talk “policies” of handbooks?!

I’d say that what Mrs. Jackson is doing might as much falls under that “my business, my body, leave me the fuck alone” concept as much as “those in glass pews shouldn’t throw hard communion wafers.”

The Jacksons are looking for a new school and a new start away from the church that married them and baptized their sons. 

Ralph guests on Adult Site Broker Talk

I so do love this big wide world of ours…and how we are all growing a smidgen closer across it every day. Sure, it’s slightly ironic that as we grow the ability and facility of being able to communicate with a whole bunch o’ folks we probably will never meet, and how indeed it seems we can share our ‘stuff,’ be it pictures of us shmearing peanut butter across our naked breasts (hey, you enjoy your off-hours the way you do, I’ll enjoy mine with my distractions, ok?!) or downloading car repair videos, we become ever more insular. But with the good always comes the bad and we all need to march into the future in our way, and the way certainly seems digital.

It’s kind of like what Chris and I do here. Had we had this Licking Non-Vanilla podcast presented to us two years ago we probably would said, “Come on, are we really that wonderful that anybody would want to listen to us jabber on for an hour or so each episode, about sex?” But here we have landed.

I will be ‘landing’ this week, indeed across the globe from where I live, on the Adult Site Broker Talk podcast, hosted by Bruce Friedman. (Technically, Bruce is recording our conversation this week, but don’t worry, I’ll let you know well beforehand when it will be airing). Bruce’s podcast comes via his Adult Site Broker businesses. An American ex-pat, Bruce established ASB ten years ago. It helps connect buyers with sellers of adult websites and affiliate programs. You can read more about what Bruce does here: XBiz World. Actually, that entire digital magazine is pretty cool with the article on Bruce on page 36.

Bruce’s podcast focuses on the business side of the adult business, something I have particularly been involved in since I got into the adult business. It was actually at a YNOT adult business convention, in San Francisco, way back in the day, that I first met the co-host of this blog, my wonderful friend, best writer I know, and renown reprobate of the known galaxy, M. Christian. Bruce talks to guests and in general about working in the adult space, how folks can find healthy revenue streams and ways of maximizing profit, and a whole bunch of stuff about the wacky world of what so many of us do.

I am so very excited to be on Bruce’s show and thank him so much in advance for the opportunity to talk about…well…me.

As I say, I will keep you abreast (two big firm ones, and yes, with peanut butter on them) when my episode airs. In the meantime, check out Bruce’s links (below I give you a chance to link to them again) and the Licking Non-Vanilla podcast here, here and here.

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