Listen To Your ‘Mommy’ or Else: Lily Craven Guests on Episode #32

I have certainly mentioned the lovely Lily Craven plenty before. Mommy-Dommy, cam cutie, scene-tastic performer, this lady who gives sweet or naughty attention—depending on your needs and wants—is featured up on episode #32 “Mommy, I’ve Been Such a Naughty Boy…”

As things tend to happen in the adult business space, Lily was reaching out for guests to come on her “Phone Sex with Lily,” radio show, over on I came on her show, had a whale of a time (and a good talk to I surely needed!) then Chris and I reached out to have the lady on LNV.

I also had the great honor of meeting Lily last week (you can see a picture I posted of her and the equally alluring Coralyn Jewel on the blog below this one) both of whom I met last week when they came into NJ for Exxxotica.

Lily is as fun in person as she is on the phone or on cam.

Lily mines a very specific side of the camming world and one Chris and I talk to her about on our podcast. She also enlightens us to the current state of events like Exxxotica and gets very specific about scenes she is shooting, most notably in our interview for the producer Blush Erotica (a company I have come to work for…because of Lily actually).

Yes, it is a small world.

Here, again, are all the places to find Lily: her website, and, Twitter @lilycravenXXX or @lily40xxx, IG @real_lilycraven, FB @lily.craven40, or live on Chaturbate@

And here are the various places you can find out podcast episode #32 featuring her. Apple podcasts, here, on Red Circle, on Facebook and on Twatter @LickingNonV.

Chris and I send our thank you’s to Lily, for such a great time and a wonderful talk.

What’s Been Happening With Christian and Ralph

From time to time, I like to post a little wrap-up of the trouble Chris and I have gotten into lately. Things we have had published, our professional stuff. I am not about to get into the few days Chris took last weekend getting to know himself better with some whipped cream and bubble wrap. If you really want the details, there are plenty of pictures and poems available about that event on the

Anyway, see below for the inroads we’ve made in our profession lately.

1.) Out just now is my new piece in the just-released new issue of Kink Queens. I was honored to interview the enchanting Miss Mae Ling (a lady we have had on our show #16, in fact), and I think you will be fascinated by all she has to say. Yes, that’s a picture from the interview up above.

2.)   Chris has a new piece up on the website (see here). His Penis Masturbation: Tips And Toys You Need To Know is a mindful and inclusive advice piece (and really, that’s the only kind of piece Chris ever writes) for those who have penises and or those interested in them.

3.) I just received some promo materials and a link to order the new anthology my story “Patriot” appears in. The name of the book is Scandalous, published by SinCyr Publishing (a fantastic company I have worked with before) can be ordered here, and it includes authors like Elizabeth Coldwell (someone both Chris and I have worked with in the past), Eve Ray, Elliot Sawyer, Dilo Keith and plenty of others. You can order it here.

4.) Chris gives forth an exciting and entertaining treatise called ‘Future Forecast’: Masturbation Will Replace Intercourse As Leading Source of Sexual Pleasure on the Future of Sex website, here. Among Chris’ many talents (have you ever seen that thing he can do with his toes and a deflated beach ball? It makes all the girls squeal with delight…), my bro/fellow fantastic erotica scribe/co-host is one of the leading futurists writing today, as far as I’m concerned. You would do well reading Chris’ prognostications in this area. 

5.)   Chris also penned his Research Firm Predicts VR Pornography Explosion article most recently for Future Of Sex; see it here. Again, nuanced reporting from a fine human.

6.)   My new SEX FILES column is up, celebrating a few recent stories, one of which was Exxxotica NJ that happened just this past weekend. In the picture just below, you see the beautiful pair, Coralyn Jewel and Lily Craven, two ladies I mentioned in my article and two ladies Chris and I have spoken to on Licking Non-Vanilla (you heard Coralyn’s episode already, on our LNV #28; our talk with Lily is coming soon). And speaking of Lily, as I mentioned, I appeared on her radio show, and when that goes up, I will let you know. 

7.)   As I twatted, here are two of my recent writings that had nothing to do with erotica. Chris and I try and spread ourselves far and wide with all that we write, not just erotica (and really, if you haven’t seen Chris nor I ever spread wide, you really haven’t yet lived life to the fullest). I have a “Viva Las Vegas” opinion piece in the 123 issue of Prog Magazine out of the UK. You can find it on the link 12 words previous or in Barnes and Noble and other magazine outlets. And my guest column called Silly Disobedience? Five Contemporary Cultural Trends that May Weaken Rather Than Strengthen A Cause was just posted on the NPJ website; see here.

8.) Lastly, that picture up top of those extraordinary ladies Coralyn Jewel and Lily Craven was taken last week pre-Exxxotica when I was lucky enough to meet those and take them for an honest-to-goodness classic N.J. “diner run.” I was thrilled to meet the pair (“and what a pair they have”-said in my best Groucho voice) and was even more beguiled by Lily and Coralyn than I have been just talking to them, which I only ever have before I met them last week. Thanks again, ladies, for a wonderful hang.

Ok, so that’s it from the malt shop this week, kiddies. I just figured the time was right for a little bragging where Chris and my latest and greatest are concerned. Be well and see you in the funny papers. And be sure to listen in on all the Licking Non-Vanilla podcasts.

Penny Barber on Licking Non-Vanilla Episode #31

Well, I told you she was coming…

Penny Barber is the special guest on our Licking Non-Vanilla episode # 31, which is ‘up’ right now. I’m not sure how you could not know who Penny Barber is, but for those of you who might have just woken up after a 30-year sleep or have come back to Earth after hitching a ride with old Captain Kirk and Jeff Bezos, Penny is the preeminent ABDL Mommy Dom. She specializes in diaper discipline, sissy training, and humiliation, and a whole bunch of what ails you. On her two great big Clips4sale stores:, and, you can witness and, most importantly, purchase some scenes that are sure to teach you a lesson and…well…get you off.

Chris and I only knew Penny from her arresting work, so spending some podtime with her was a treat. She was funny, honest, and very knowledgeable about the specific fetish she provides, and very insightful about the adult industry in general. As much as you will find our talk with Penny provocative, (I’m sure you’ll be clicking on over to other places to find her, like on Mom Swap: or on Free Use Milf under “Fuck Doing Chores, here:, to grab a movie or two as you hear us speak with her), you will, as Chris and I did, learn lots from her perspective.

Really, we couldn’t have asked for a better guest.

In the case of Penny Barber, the less I say here, the better. So I’ll just gently nudge you on over to Licking Non-Vanilla to give our episode #31 a listen (here, and here, just two places you can find us), thank the fantastic Penny Barber once again (thank you, Penny) and offer the rest of what follows of where else to find Penny.

ManyVids, as well as subscribing to her OnlyFans at “Like” her Pornhub videos out her mainstream and Indie projects at Follow her Twitter at @pamperedpenny and Instagram @PennyBarberMILF. Support her art by subscribing to her official site

Ralph guests on Lily Craven’s “Phone Sex With Lily” Show on

Super sexy MILF/”Dommy Mommy,” all-around provider of fantasy and fun fun fun Lily Craven has just informed me that the talk we had for her show “Phone Sex With Lily” Show on will air on 10/20, 9 pm est.

In the upcoming weeks, you’ll be able to hear the Licking Non-Vanilla episode we recorded with Lily and if you want to read more about her, check out our blog about the lady here or my SEX FILES column here. Or you can find Lily on her website.

In addition to the flyer Lily sent over for the upcoming radio show (that’s part of the picture at the top of this blog), Lily also sent this wonderful snippet of a video of what she does on a nightly basis, with the mention of my appearance on her radio show scrolling across the bottom of the screen…go here.

As Chris and I keep telling you and as we indeed found with Lily, the men and women who work in the adult industry, whether behind or in front of the camera (and sometimes they do both), are about the nicest folks you are ever going to find. Honest, funny, so giving of their time, and certainly, in Lily’s case, so sexy you get sweaty just having a 20-minute conversation with them.

My time speaking to Lily for her K97FM show was a hoot. She begins her broadcast in a singular special way that is just so Lily. I can attest that our first two minutes were white-hot indeed, and it took me a bit to roll into the regular conversation after what she did to me in the intro. And I just loved it. Along the way, you’ll also hear some of my most favorite music choices, so on top of the excellent conversation, there are also good tunes.

Tune into K97FM here.

Thank you, sweet Lily.

Another Go Round on Adult Site Broker Talk

As XBiz just posted (see here), “Adult Industry Writer Ralph Greco Jr. Guests on ‘Adult Site Broker Talk.'” Once again, our good friend Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker had me on his wonderful adult industry podcast. Coming from Thailand (no, I didn’t fly over to be recorded: ah, the wonders of modern technology), Bruce and I once again had a big old jaw about life, love, and the pursuit of happiness in these wacky times.

 As I have mentioned and Chris will attest, we met Bruce back in the dim and distant oh-oh-otts (2009 to be exact) in the great city of San Francisco, at a convention for the behind-the-scenes guys and gals who made and maintained naughty websites.

I hadn’t spoken to the guy in a good decade, but as things are in this business, I am sure Bruce had heard of my doings (slight as they are) as I certainly heard about all he does (lots that he spins around his orbit daily). We connected when I read a post that he was looking for guests (as anybody with a podcast does all the time), and now he has had me on his show two times.

I really love the guy. And again, you will hear if you go here, our conversations are about so much more than just the business. Bruce has a wide range of interests, has done a lot in his life, and keeps doing more, and the time really flies when we get to talking.

It’s a great podcast, the episode I’m on, as well as all the others he’s managed.

AdultSiteBroker handles websites and companies in the adult space, connecting sellers and buyers to work out equitable deals. You can visit the company online and on ASBMarketplace and find affiliate promotion details at ASBCash.

Bruce’s broadcast, hosted by SoundCloud, and once again, can be found here

Cock cages, butt holes, and a big thick catalog: Episode #30, Talking To Josh Ortiz of XRBrands

Really, you know how much they have gotten away from you…those naughty pink parts. How many times have you gotten in trouble where you have ‘placed’ yourself or who you have placed yourself with, in, and around? Doesn’t it seem like sometimes you’d be a hell of a lot better off having the old bait-and-tackle caged and locked or an orifice plugged? Yes, we’d like it if you could learn some control!

On Episode 30 of Licking Non-Vanilla, Chris and I speak with Josh Ortiz, Brand Ambassador of XR Brands, about his extensive line of adult toys, which include some aren’t anal invaders and cock cages as just about anything else you care to name.

Josh and XR have been supplying kinky toys in their safe and sane way to the community for over two decades, so he certainly knows of what he speaks. Chris and I especially loved how he didn’t shirk from what often becomes a leather-clad elephant in the room when it comes to sex toys…price.

Josh is well aware that for many people, the price of adult toys and sex aids is often way out of the reach of the everyday player or even a curious couple who’d like to try something but don’t because of how expensive toys can be. So, working with inclusivity in mind, Josh has brought XR forward as much by producing an extensive catalog of well-made items for just about every kink and desire but also making sure to have produced many of those items affordably.

This we were most impressed with…and of course, Josh;’s candor and his ability to not take himself too seriously…which is something Chris and I try for too.

I hope you get a chance to listen to our 30th episode (man, 30 wow!) and will also stop on over to XR Brands to give John’s stuff a gander.

Here’s their catalog.

Thanks Josh!

Penny Barber Is Coming To Teach You A Lesson

You might be getting sick of hearing Chris, and I say this, but we really do happen to interview some of the sexiest, smartest, and all-around nicest people for Licking Non-Vanilla. The list is as long as our near thirty episodes will show. And even before we put shows up, sometimes I like to give you a little preview of one we recently recorded…yes, which I will blog about even more when the show is posted (I am a sucker for redundancy).

We happened just to finish a show where we spoke with the fabulous MILF adult star, Penny Barber. Penny is an ABDL Mommy Dom specializing in diaper discipline, sissy training, and humiliation. And she is the very best ‘mommy’ anybody will ever need. She is also a great guest to interview, opening her heart and mind to giving honest answers to questions about what she does, how she does, and the industry in general.

Chris and I had a grand old chinwag with Penny about the nuts-and-bolts of creating content, how she was so very thrilled to be honored with Best MILF Clip Artist from the XBIZ Cam Awards for 2021, and how she balances creating clips with just running her business. It was fascinating stuff for Chris and me, written content creators that we are, to learn about the world of writing, shooting, performing in, editing, then posting and advertising from Penny’s solo creation perspective.

Yes, the industry has changed so much from the days of VHS tapes, and Penny has been smart enough, has found the right niche for her sensibilities, and works tirelessly to keep relevant, happy, and a good balance between her work and her home life.

As I will when we post the Penny Barber interview, below I’ve posted just a few of the places you can presently find Penny. I suggest all you wayward boys and girls, looking for a good mommy disciplinarian (or just a good old sexy romp of a time), search out Penny. You’ll be glad you did.

She’s on Mom Swap with “Stepmommy Pies” and Free Use MILF with “Fuck Doing Chores”

Follow her Twitter at @pamperedpenny and Instagram @PennyBarberMILF. Support her art by subscribing to her official site, buying her clips at Clips4Sale, and and ManyVids, as well as subscribing to her OnlyFans at “Like” her Pornhub videos Check out her mainstream and Indie projects at

Meet Lily Craven

In a couple of weeks, I’m going to be interviewed on Lily Craven’s “Phone Sex with Lily” show, and very soon, we will return the favor here on Licking Non-Vanilla. But I figured, why not tell you all about this wonderful lady now…and have you learn a little lesson from your uncle Ralphie about interpersonal relationships.

First, let’s talk about Lily. She is a MILF-fastic performer/producer of content, as well as radio host of “Phone Sex with Lily” on K97FM Radio. While snooping across Facebook on her cheating husband, she came across a group that appeared to be making sex sales out of their inbox. Finding out that this was not prostitution, as she first thought, Lily started selling her own content out of the “Pizza Daddies” group. Her menu here includes live chat, pre-made videos and pics, custom videos, sexting, wearable sales, and more.

Since then, she’s created the “Camp Morningwood” group and merged with another group to sell her sexy content. Lily most enjoys the taboo/age play fetish, as much where she gets to play the ‘naughty aunty’ as explore the step mommy/stepson fetish.

And from what I have heard and seen, she is very good at it!

As a side note and where I will most certainly meet her, I am sure Lily has been given the “media hat,” as she calls it, for this year’s Exxxotica Expos. I am attending the NJ stop of this get-together, and so is she.

A lady with quite a diverse past, from stripping for a bit in her late teens to being married and raising a family, to divorcing and then remarrying and owning an oilfield storage and trucking company with her new husband, to earning a college degree at the age of forty, to doing all she does in adult, Lily is a true Renaissance woman.

She is also aces when it comes to fostering connections, even with someone she doesn’t know all that well.

I first reached out to Lily off of the site. She had put a call out for interview subjects for her radio show, and we had all, but maybe four emails back and forth where we determined that yes, she’d want me for her show and that we’d want her for ours. Lily happened to mention as one of the companies she works for…and so loves.

I flicked the old cursor over to the BE website and found they were looking for scriptwriters. So I reached out (frankly, I don’t think I mentioned Lily at first ‘blush’…sorry for the pun). But within no more than two emails back and forth with the good people at Blush, I found that somewhere in the back and forth, Lily had put in a good word for me…again, we hardly even knew one another!

Yes, I couldn’t have furthered interest from Blush Erotica unless they liked what I sent them. But there you are, another connection made, from connecting with another person I hardly knew but came to talk about me in a positive light.

And there’s the lesson, kids. Like-minded, good-hearted people do often find one another. Just when I am down on the human race, this kind of a thing happens, and I think, ‘Well, maybe we all ain’t so bad after all.’

Thanks to Lily Craven, check her out at these spots:,, Twitter @lilycravenXXX or @lily40xxx, IG @real_lilycraven, FB @lily.craven40

Or join her live on:

Check out the Licking Non Vanilla podcast, here, here and here.

When Dildos Are Used As…Intimidation

Even if you’ve never watched one, you are probably aware of what an MMA match entails. The kicking, boxing, clutching sport is undoubtedly more popular than ever and a sure audience rating grabber. So is all the trash-talking and fighter posturing, fueling fans to take to the sport, sometimes more than they even would for the action. And during a ceremonial High League weigh-in this week, well viewed and captured by and for the sport’s rabid fanbase, Poland’s Ewa Brodnicka handed her opponent, Aniela Bogusz, a dildo.
High League hosted an event with the two fighters as a co-main event for a highly-anticipated featherweight match-up.
Brodnicka has managed these kinds of mind-games before. For example, during a 2019 face-off with Edith Solidad, she kissed her opponent during a press face-off. And there are enough sexy snaps of the lady across the web, whether posing in revealing MMA garb or across Instagram, where Brodnicka is showing herself off in a bikini, reveal how much she enjoys her sexuality and playing with it.
In fairness, Aniela Bogusz is also a lady who has posted quite a few alluring pictures.
In the clip captured from this recent incident with Bogusz, you can clearly see Brodnicka taking the wrapped sex toy from her trainer, stepping to her opponent, and unwrapping the dildo behind her back. By the time the two women were face-to-face, Brodnicka lifted and rubbed the dildo in Bogusz’s face, then slapped her before Bogusz threw a kick at her.
Luckily security intervened.
Brodnicka’s dildo brandishing was not enough to spin Bogusz’s mental wheels, though. She lost to Bogusz by TKO in Round 3. One can pose, intimidate, and amp up sexual tension even, but the true test comes in MMA when the feet and fists begin to fly. Maybe Brodnicka used the dildo later to ease her losing woes.

Hands Off My Porn!

This is the kind of story Chris, and I just love! I’d dare say any listener to Licking Non-Vanilla (which you listen to here, here, or here) would feel tickled by this as well.

It seems U.S District Judge Paul Maloney ordered a western Michigan mom and dad to pay $30,441 to their son for dumping the son’s extensive porn collection. David Werking, the man ‘aggrieved’, enjoyed the judge’s specific decision this week on what the parents owe after the judge ruled in favor of David’s lawsuit eight months ago. According to accounting from emails that went back and forth between son and father, David’s collection, including individual titles of 1,605 DVDs and VHS tapes, was worth $25,000.

Werking had lived at his folks’ home in Grand Haven, Michigan, for near a year post his divorce, then moved to Muncie, Indiana. Unwilling to get the collection over to Muncie and uncomfortable with it sitting in their home, the elder Werkings destroyed the David’s naughty stuff. David learned about this after moving to Indiana and inquiring after his porn.

“Frankly, David, I did you a big favor getting rid of all this stuff,” David’s dad said via email.

It’s important also to note that The Ottowa County Sheriff’s Office in Michigan reviewed David’s collection and reported it contained no child pornography. So, it is legal property someone (even though that someone was a blood relative and owned the domicile where the material was housed) deemed offense and simply threw away.

This reminds me of a story that happened a couple of years ago around my ‘burb.

A dentist owns a big ranch house on a corner in a semi-well-to-do neighborhood about five minutes from my house (my house is in a middle-class neighborhood). He takes to outfitting (some would say littering) his house, garage, front lawn and driveway with mannequins, and all manner of decorations depending on the holiday. He begins usually with a huge Halloween display he starts tinkering with mid-September and has traffic backing up throughout October to view his amazing corner visual treat. Yes, it’s a nuisance to those who live around that way…but it ain’t illegal.

Come Easter and July 4th this one particular year (2019 when all was still normal and fun round planet Earth way), the good doctor set female mannequins in his driveway for Easter dressed in bikinis and bunny ears, for the fourth in just red, white and blue bikinis. A neighbor found the display offensive and came onto the property and broke one of the mannequins in half.

She was offended, just like David Werking’s parents were, but it’s illegal to destroy other people’s shit! And the lady was slapped with a summons.

Score one for Judge Maloney, we say. Buy just think what could have been in David’s collection?!

Oh, I did get round to seeing the mannequins, even with one ripped in half.

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