First Five Episodes Of Licking Non-Vanilla Now Live

Good old Reiny Marco is cruising along, getting our naughty podcasts up. As of this writing, our first 5 episodes are available and can be accessed by flipping to the episode section of this site or going to our Youtube page to hear us. (There’s lots of other spots to hear the show as well, these are just a few).

Let me give you a little run down of what the shows are about.

Episode 1, our first, is where Chris and I introduce one another, how we met, and what we do. As we say from this show, and will forever claim, Licking Non-Vanilla is for adults looking to listen to some good honest jawing about that which lots of people like to enjoy, talk, consider, and fantasize about…sex. Of course, listeners to this kind of a podcast need be 18 and over, please.

In Episode 2, Chris and I debate, discuss and decipher just what is erotic and just what is porn? You’ll find at the end of the hour we have lots more questions about this essential quandary than we do answers.

We teach in Episode 3 how to become a sex writer. Follow our exact, easy-to-repeat instructions, and you are sure to be soon making millions in the field, pen a series as popular as Fifty Shades of Grey and win accolades and lingerie from those you so want to attract. Actually, we give forth on what it’s like to be ‘noble hacks,’ demystifying the whole shebang.

As you all must be aware, technology is intruding on every facet of modern life. In Episode 4, we tip into this discussion of where we are presently and where we might be headed in our digital age, especially how it stains our naughty interaction. Beware Disney + and George Lucas; we are coming for you.

We enjoy our first-ever call-in guest on Episode 5, the wonderful Ava Durga of, and A beautiful positive soul, sexy to a fault, and an empowering presence to all the men who come to her for her unique kind of attending and caring, we learn so much from Ava in this episode…and the state of sexy panties.

So, that’s where we are kids. Give a listen, subscribe, enjoy, tell the world. But mostly, enjoy Licking Non-Vanilla.



Where Ralphie Put Himself This Week

Ok, time to brag about my sex writing. (And when Chris get stuff done or a piece ‘up’ someplace online, rest assured I’ll be bragging about him as well). This week I have three articles that ‘went live,’ and in the spirit of forever loving to hear myself talk, I figured I’d blog about them. 

In no particular order…

At the wonderful Sexpert blog, run by the equally wonderful Domina Doll, another installment of my smut writing series premiered this week (see here). I contribute two articles monthly to this website that is jam-packed with a wide variety of sex-positive goodies. Chris writes for Domina too…in fact, there is something new happening for him, and on Sexpert, I just remembered (creeping old age really does take its toll on the old memory). Chris and Domina are running a free audiobook giveaway of one of Chris’s more spectacular works—although all of his work is spectacular—his hardware cyberpunk sex adventure short story collection called Hard Drive: The Best Sci-Fi Erotica of M. Christian, published by Wordwooze Publishing (a publisher both Chris and I have published plenty with).

Over at my long-running column on both shortandsweet sites (L.A. and NYC), I logged in another “SEX FILES.” This one addresses all the stuff people seem to be getting into during the COVID-19 lock-away. Have a look-see here.

Lastly, at one of the premier naughty movie sites, Hot, another one of my articles went live this week. What’s especially fun about the writing you will find over at H.M.’s “Spotlight” blog (and not just my stuff) is that they as run reviews of the thousands of movies listed on the site, plus interviews with adult stars, but also articles about all the different aspects of human sexuality. You can find my piece here, but look around, there are a few more from me offered and other great ones as I mention (and yes, Chris writes for them too).

Yes, I am rather proud of all I do, and just figured that if you are stopping by to listen in on Licking Non-Vanilla these days or reading this blog, why not turn you on as much to my other scribblings as all the great places I scribble across.

When We Open Up And Say…Mmmmm

Just like you, I’ve been imagining what life will be like after we set free from our self-quarantine, start to get out and about and up and down, get our sex lives sparking again with somebody else, in the room with us, that’s not a V.R. sex bot construct. We are all wondering what the ‘new normal’ will look like (and for the record, as a professional writer I detest these new-fangled catch-phrases; ‘new normal,’ ‘living my best life,’ ‘feeling some kind of way about something’ and my personal favorite ‘he be woke’). But I fear, more than I fear the actual COVID-19 virus, that the divisions between people will be even more profound after we get the all-clear. From what I am seeing (and I know you are seeing it too) the pandemic has been laid out for us all in deep political lines, with some folks all for quarantining and social distancing for as long as they are told to (and beyond), and folks who have protested against the shut-down all along, and are pretty much chomping at the bit to open the world.

Which brings me to why I feel this Licking Non-Vanilla podcast is as important as are all forms of communication. As you hear me expose with Chris on the show, as you will read in this blog in the weeks to come, as you might tickle across some other of my writings, and certainly as you will recognize from the fact that I have no personal social media presence, I’m not a fan of Facebook, tweeting and twatting, Instagramming, etc. This is just not a way of communicating I want to indulge in. The producers of our podcast certainly caution me about railing too much over the ‘hand that seemingly feeds,’ but it’s just not for me. But if it is for you, then, ‘you do you’ (there’s another new phrase I’ve heard lots recently, mostly from the V.R. sexbots when I try to push them over the allotted time I have paid for). But I do feel, communication is essential, as much as it has been in our past as it will be in our future. I can’t predict that our show will be a form of communication you find important as much as I can’t tell you whose twitter feed will make your day. But I do know, that post the self-quarantine, no matter how we want to conduct our lives, we do need to communicate in the way we feel most comfortable.

For me, I need to sit across my friends at a bistro table. I want to be ‘in-studio’ with Chris more than I ever want to have to record across the net. I miss walking down the street, visiting my favorite deli for my weekly egg sandwich fix, and joking with the folks behind the counter. I damn well want to get to Vegas, visit my client The Erotic Heritage Museum, maybe find a new kink convention across Fetlife that Chris and I can teach at.

Communication, at its best, for me, is being face-to-face with people.

For now, I will take this, writing a blog, recording the shows with Chris as we ready the launch of Licking Non-Vanilla. But boy, when this thing is over, I am sure gonna need a hug!

Gentlemen (and Gentle Ladies) Start Lickin’

Hi all. Ralph Greco, Jr. here, co-host (along with M. Christian) of the podcast “Licking Non-Vanilla,” the new audio show we hope will capture the attention (minds, hearts, and loins) of listeners (over 18 please). Jumping off from the smut writing Chris and I do for our bread and butter, and also the teaching we get into at various kink conventions, we felt it was time to tickle some ears with what we know, what we are ever questioning, and what we will sometimes get experts calling into the show to, well, expertly answer. All in the name of, about, hoping to have more of…sex.

Sure, there are tons of websites, downloadable movies, books, and yes, even other podcasts you can come across to get a good dose of something naughty. We encourage you to seek them all out, from a Clips4Sale to a Fetlife, and the all-too wonderful super sex-positive Erotic Heritage Museum. and beyond. Chris and I have written for, know of, have clicked on, (purely for research purposes, of course) plenty of these sites and have lots of friends who produce salacious material or provide sex-positive services (the aforementioned experts we will have on the show from time to time).

We do promise our listeners a rollicking good time when they tune in.

We also pride ourselves on providing the honest scoop as far as we see it, and often the way we see it is not the same at all. A healthy discourse, back and forth considerations, ‘hearing’ one another’s point of view is so needed we feel in the age we live in, when we can all simply post and never have to worry about engaging in a conversation or opinion we don’t agree on. When it comes to sex, as almost every adult knows, there is a multitude of ways to skin the ole apple, to butter one’s bread, or to ask for a spanking. People vary in their sexual desires as much as they do pretty much in how we humans do everything else. And while Chris and I haven’t tried everything, being sex writers and occasional sex class teachers, we have a perspective I feel worth tuning in to…and, if nothing else, we’ll always try and make you laugh, at least. And we certainly will not always, agree.

So, what’s coming for you on our Licking Non-Vanilla podcast will be fun, informative, naughty as all get out, slightly geeky (Chris and I are stone-cold sci-fi/fantasy nerds on top of being sex scribblers) and maybe, even at times, about stuff you don’t like. Which is as it should be, we feel.

Feel free to get in contact via the site. We return all emails and love to chat with people. Sooner more than later we are going to incorporate call-ins and the emails we get into the show as well. We so look forward to the shows ahead, and also this blog, which will probably pop up, as much about the show as what Kim Kardashian might be up to, once a week.

See ya in the funny papers.

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