Darkside # 48 Is Out!

So, the new Darkside Magazine is out!

(Go here to get it)

Once again, I can proudly declare that I have a piece in this latest issue, (number 48), of the premier UK kink magazine.

In my “T is for Tie and Tickle,” piece I speak with Morgan, aka Derek T of Fettish, about his very kinky specific fetish videos. I think you can figure out from the interview’s title just what he is into it.

Beyond what I contribute, there is Darkside’s usual commitment to stunning photo spreads (try to get through one of two of these without having to switch to a one-handed read!) and interviews with kinky ladies like Mistress Claudia Hon, model Nezuko Shinja, and Mistress La Cel.

What I have always especially appreciated about Darkside (beyond the fact that the CEO here is astute enough to realize my talents…I mean, how could he not!) is the international flavor of the magazine. For instance, Mistress La Cel (who also happens to be this issue’s cover girl) is based in Barcelona, and Mistress Hon is Hong King born.

Seeing as it soon will be upon us (and if you are in a relationship, you best be aware), there is a Kinky Valentine gift list/article here; Madam Carmen explores self-negotiation and the kink relationship, and yet again, we get another “Kelli’s Kink Korner” column, where readers put pertinent questions to Kelli, and she answers with her usual honesty and aplomb.

The lead-off question in this issue is about ‘intox play,’ something I never heard of actually. And Luna Carruthers looks at the subject of ‘topping from the bottom’ and how to spot the signs of a sub doing so.

Really what one can learn in Darkside is as amazing as all the alluring pictures one can see.

So grab issue #48 of Darkside Magazine (again you can get it here) and prepare to be stunned into wonderful sexy submission.

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