I just spoke to author Podopheleus about his recently published book Triple-Formed. Indeed, a different kind of story, told uniquely; critics have called this book of trauma, submission, healing, and redemption “a mash-up of a graphic novel and poetry.”

Told through rap rhymes with stunning illustrations by Moan Zine, Triple-Formed presents a deep dive into what Podopheleus calls a complex story mining the “everyday life and mental health” of his characters, mainly sub men.

Although a blogger by trade (you can see his writings here), Podopheleus told me that he’s been writing rap lyrics since he was a kid, and that kind of writing he felt truer to his heart and fuels Triple-Formed. More a fan of metaphor and wordplay, he brought about the meat of the book, more or less fueled to do so during the lockdown, knowing, as he said, that the book “had to get done.”

Connecting with his illustrator via Instagram gave the project its unique look, and being a huge comic book fan as he has always been, Pod was thrilled to find Moan Zine’s sensibilities so locking in with hers.

She as much provided the formatting, cover, and illustrations and was a perfect collaborator for Pod to bandy back and forth his look of the book with.

“I had some ideas; she had a few of her own. Basically, I found she matched my energy and creativity,” he told me.

We all know money is important, and surely Pod is attempting here to build his brand and get the word out as much as he can about his new book. Still, for him, the money made will give him the autonomy to keep doing what he has been up to with his website and across the two submissive men support groups he runs.

“I want to continue making positive contributions to the kink community, help men explore and understand their submissive needs, alleviate them of fear and shame, and have them better understand and respect women who work sex workers.”

 We truly hope he succeeds in his mission and that his book takes the world by storm.

Thank you, Podopheleus.

You can buy Triple-Formed here.

See his further social media links here:

Instagram @podopheleus


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