Guesting On The “Strength To Be Human Podcast” And The Connections Therein

I just underwent a wonderful process (being interviewed on a podcast) that connects me, Chris, our writing, a fantastic speculative fiction magazine, my buddy Joe and our children’s book series, and all of us here at Licking Non-Vanilla.

Old Kevin Bacon has got nothing on my labyrinthine connections!

I seem to like being a podcast guest as much as I like co-hosting one. We writers don’t get to talk about ourselves so much, squirreled away as most of us are all day…well…writing. I know Chris and I enjoy social interactions when we come upon them (and if you have never seen Chris dressed in his summer 3-piece suit with boater holding court with a porch full of debutantes sipping a mint julip, well, momma, you haven’t lived!) but we don’t do so all that often. When Mark Anthony Rossi got me talking on his Strength To Be Human show, I found my hands flying, which indicates I am comfortable and talking a blue streak and really giving forth.

Mark is also the editor-in-chief of the ARIEL CHART International Literary Journal, and a writing/playwright himself.

I was set up with Mark and his show to talk about the about-to-be-published summer issue of Grandfallon Magazine. I am the guest editor for this issue of the quarterly magazine (as I have mentioned in this blog before), an issue dedicated to erotic speculative work. And as fortune and connections within connections would have it, one of the authors in that issue is our wonderful 2nd pilot here at LNV, M. Christian. Then, we discussed my work in general during the interview, Mark happened to ask how I came to write naughty stories and also author the children’s books series, Echo City Capers. As is true of Chris, many other writers, hell lots of people I know, I simply have varied interests, and my writing takes on many forms, which is what I explained to Mark.

The illustrator/creator of that series is my good friend Joe Swarctz. Joe has illustrated the cover of the summer issue of Grandfalloon, plus provided two illustrations inside for two stories I have contributed to the issue.

So, there are all these connections intertwining from print to podcast, illustrations to kids books to a fantastic magazine out of Canada to Mark at one time living in NJ and being born and bred there, and also…well, you get the picture.

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