This is what I have learned….women masturbate. Probably, or even more so, than men.

I had occasion to speak to Andrea Rey, one of the co-founders of Biird, a company out of Rotterdam that is as concerned with positive sexual health as they are with self-care in all the ways a lady might come to define it.

What I learned, beyond that first statement, is that it is not easy getting a pleasure product company off the ground…even now. As Rey told me, “We’re not allowed to advertise on any of Facebook’s platforms. Google heavily restricts advertising for sex toys.” But the powers-that-be at Biird soldiered through, creating what they advertise as “bringing you a product that is first and foremost about delivering pleasure while being powerful, and challenging to the status quo.”

I love this ethos. To care so much for female-led pleasure,” as they call it, by creating stunning objects that as much look like works of art as they do indeed deliver power stimulation.

As their Evii in the top picture.

Luckily for us all, men, women, or however you identify, according to Rey, Pleasure has come a long way already. There was a time when pleasure was completely taboo. We’ve seen hyper-sexualization of … pretty much everything. We’ve now come to a point where pleasure is starting to be more and more accepted as something that is part of life.” But she adds as a nod to the future of her industry: “I see the industry move towards products and messaging that is truly developed for and by people with vulvas. Brands will need to become more real, portray self-pleasure in a more relaxed and ‘real’ light, and move away from this idea that sex needs to be this perfect world of black lace, luxurious beds, and perfect bodies.”

You can also see by going to the Biird site (click here) that they make more than just vibrators. Which just shows this company’s wide-ranging vision.

Mostly though, I think we should all take this statement of her to heart: “The world could do with a few more orgasms.”

Amen to that!

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