Some Best Of’s

Like it or not, this year’s end is upon us. Finally, you say, right? How was your 2021? Still kinda shut-in crappy with the old COVID thingie bothering you and yours? Yeah, it sucks. Let’s just hope we all stay healthy, from whatever is ‘out there’ for the foreseeable future. Chris and I figured we could give you a smidgen of cheer by linking you to some fun Best Of’s now that December is coming to a close. Here are two naughty lists we stumbled across in the past week or so we thought would make for some fun reading and research, and possibly get your mind off all the wackiness of the world…and force your hand down your pants. Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop and all that, so best to be tickling and tugging with them, Chris and I always say. So, here’s what I have for you smack dab here in the middle of December. Old Mr., that big online depository alerting us all to the very naughtiest moments in film and T.V. have just released their Film’s Top 10 Nude Scenes of 2021.  Their list, surely skewed to female nudity, includes actresses like Alexandra Daddario, Pauline Chalamet, Julia Fox and even singer Halsey fully nude in her long-form video, If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power? Now, that one got by me! For pure porn fun, our friends over at just released their XBIZ Award Nominees for 2022. Of course, we know you never watch porn, but if you have even the slightest curiosity check out this listing of 1,248 nominees, across 100 categories. XBIZ will announce the winners on Sunday, Jan. 9, at the historic Hollywood Palladium, the capstone event to the action-packed XBIZ conference happening at Kimpton Everly Hotel in Hollywood Jan. 3-6.

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Licking Non-Vanilla is a podcast and blog about kink, sexual mores and writing dirty words. Grab a cup of hot cocoa, pull up your favorite easy chair and sail into the dark, sweet waters of all things naughty... on Licking Non-Vanilla, with your hosts Ralph Greco, Jr. and M.Christian.

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