Product Review: The Handy

In the world Chris and I inhabit, we are very often connected to adult toy manufacturers who send us their products to review (Yes, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it). I was just sent the item you see above, The Handy. 

It’s hard not to love the “Will it fit?” videos (see one here) from about their new handjob machine. This male sex aid, what the company calls “The ultimate automatic masturbator,” is pretty much unlike anything I have seen of its kind.

Featuring what they call a ‘control stoke length and the zone between 0-4.3”, ten strokes per second maximum speed, Handy promises that those sporting a penis would enjoy quite a range of pleasure. Easy to plug in, charge, and manipulate, TheHandy surely will come to your aid again and again, especially when you want to give your hand a night off.

One slips oneself into the soft plastic sleeve provided (more on these sleeves in a minute), then secures the band at the back of the machine around that sleeve (and one’s self) and turns the Handy on.

Of those different True Grip elastic sleeves, akin to experiencing different partners’ grips, there is The Handy™ Original TrueGrip™ Sleeve, which comes with the unit. Then one could work up from “Open Ended Soft,’ to a ‘Medium,’ or then a ‘Hard,’ depending on how tight a grip one likes. 

In addition to what you can manage just by thrusting yourself into a sleeve and turning the machine on, The Handy can sync with videos featuring script files that mirror movements on screen. There is a vast Handy community getting into this high-quality sync-ready stuff, and Handy is partnered with pro companies producing lots of these types of videos.

Not to mention, a partner can activate the handy by remote control.

Packaged discreetly, your nosy neighbors, even the mailman, will never know what you’re getting delivered. But man, will you ever be happy you bought The Handy. I won’t kid you though, this is not a cheap masturbatory aid, but the way the thing is constructed, it will surely last you many strokes.

You can find the handy here.

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