Listen To Your ‘Mommy’ or Else: Lily Craven Guests on Episode #32

I have certainly mentioned the lovely Lily Craven plenty before. Mommy-Dommy, cam cutie, scene-tastic performer, this lady who gives sweet or naughty attention—depending on your needs and wants—is featured up on episode #32 “Mommy, I’ve Been Such a Naughty Boy…”

As things tend to happen in the adult business space, Lily was reaching out for guests to come on her “Phone Sex with Lily,” radio show, over on I came on her show, had a whale of a time (and a good talk to I surely needed!) then Chris and I reached out to have the lady on LNV.

I also had the great honor of meeting Lily last week (you can see a picture I posted of her and the equally alluring Coralyn Jewel on the blog below this one) both of whom I met last week when they came into NJ for Exxxotica.

Lily is as fun in person as she is on the phone or on cam.

Lily mines a very specific side of the camming world and one Chris and I talk to her about on our podcast. She also enlightens us to the current state of events like Exxxotica and gets very specific about scenes she is shooting, most notably in our interview for the producer Blush Erotica (a company I have come to work for…because of Lily actually).

Yes, it is a small world.

Here, again, are all the places to find Lily: her website, and, Twitter @lilycravenXXX or @lily40xxx, IG @real_lilycraven, FB @lily.craven40, or live on Chaturbate@

And here are the various places you can find out podcast episode #32 featuring her. Apple podcasts, here, on Red Circle, on Facebook and on Twatter @LickingNonV.

Chris and I send our thank you’s to Lily, for such a great time and a wonderful talk.

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