Episode #28: Diving Deep into the Wild, Wooly, and Oh-So-Wonderful World of Coralyn Jewel

Where does one begin describing, praising, and yes, even panting over the wonderful CORALYN JEWEL? The beguiling ex-professional figure skater, swinging party producer, adult movie performer and director, wedding planner, award-winning author, podcaster, professional speaker, and mom (and this is just the tip of what this amazing woman gets into during any given day) gave Chris and me such a wonderful chin-wang on our Episode #28. 

And it’s up right now! Here and here are just two of the places you can find it.

As I had advised a few months ago, Coralyn and I had first ‘met’ when I came on her Hankie Pankie Podcast. Chris and I then planned to get the lady on Licking Non-Vanilla and managed to do just that a few weeks ago…and now it’s up.

I have talked and written about this so often, but one of the main points that seem to surface when Chris and I speak to people, and especially surfaced in talking with Coralyn, is how very small the adult business world is. Chris and I have found this often in the smut writing community, where somebody knows somebody else who we know too. And in the adult business, as we discussed with Coralyn, this ‘better-not-burn-a-bridge’ very small world idea plays out as well. I would postulate that this is true for other businesses, but then I’d say this is true for the world in general…especially with social media keeping us ever closer. So, given this, Chris, Coralyn, and I came to the conclusion—being the three extremely evolved, sexy, intelligent, and talented humans that we are—that really we all should be pushing a positive agenda around the work we do and the people we meet, which is something Coralyn certainly does with her work that reaches so many people across so many worlds and approaches.

Yes, just being decent, open, fun gets you far, believe it or not.

So listen to our episode #28, where we speak to the amazing Coralyn Jewel. You can also seek her out on her Hankie Pankie Podcast (here) and read her book When The Ice Melts: The Story of Coralyn Jewel (you can find it here).

Thank you Coralyn.

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