Despite the yawping I do for this blog or how Chris and I can talk a blue streak on the podcast, I’m not very good at promoting myself. So, if I come to tell you about some new piece of writing I have up somewhere, it’s usually to recognize the place where it’s been posted and not so I can pat myself on the back. Or, something I wrote and had published might lead me to make a point about kink, sexuality, or human interaction, the overall dripping wet umbrella of sex-positivity, the very meat-and-taters at the heart of Licking Non-Vanilla (which you can find here, here, and here.

The good people at the eroticaforall website just published my How Recognizing The Fine Line Of Age-Play Reveals How Very Healthy You Are. In this piece, I postulate that not only are kinksters some of the healthiest folks I have ever met but that they understand better than most the line between fantasy and reality.

And that specific line I am considering in my piece here is ‘age-play.’

Chris and I see this all the time at kink conventions; if you have even tickled your eyes over some erotica; if you like to dress-up from time to time in clothes that are typically for a person of a different age than you (diapers, for instance) or you like calling your lover “mommy,” “daddy,” or “bad little boy (girl),” then you know of what I speak. But for the non-kinkster or those men and women looking to damn any sexual expression beyond procreation, quite frankly, age-play scares people to death.

The assumption from those not in the know and looking for the significantly worse in us all at all times is that men and women who play at being different (and usually younger) ages in their sex gaming are turned on by the idea of incest or sex with children. This isn’t true, of course, as the age-player is an adult, is playing with an adult, and realizes as much as does their partner that this play-acting a different age is all pretending. This kind of sexual play doesn’t mean much more than being present at the moment to get maybe dressed in a diaper or pretended to scolded by the school librarian for not returning one’s book in time.

Get it?

Read my piece here; it might give you more insight ( also put out a book that at some of this kink at its heart…see here (and the picture attached). But remember, that which you fantasize about, no matter what it is you fantasize about, if you make that fantasy into reality with another consenting adult, your pretty much acting responsibly and are not, in any way, sick depraved, or wanting to engage in illegal activity.

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