Episode #24 Now Live: Speaking with Amanda Wilson of #Open

Once again Chris and I dive deeply into the warm open waters of ethical non-monogamy dating via the wonderful #open group.

In our episode #15, we spoke with sex, kink, relationship educator and coach, director of operations & communications at hasgtag open, Sarah Sloane, about the dating app. We learned what they were about, how they went about finding the thousands who are part of their community and the unique challenges they faced. I came upon the group initially when I interviewed David Epstein, here for my SEX FILES column. In this new episode, our 24th, which we titled: Dating As Your Libido Dictates: Talking With Amanda Wilson of #open (Hashtag Open) we speak to David’s partner and co-founder of #open, for an even deeper dive into the preeminent dating platform for folks looking for ethical non-monogamous hook-ups.

Not that Sarah wasn’t informative and completely wonderful to speak with (she was and we hope to have her on again very soon, to talk about her work and her new podcast, on Libsyn called Social Intercourse, see here: https://bit.ly/SocialIntercoursePod ). And not that David didn’t give me plenty. But as one of the two people who created #open and working solidly on it presently, Amanda allowed us ‘in’ to some of the true ‘nut and bolts’ of the portal, how she came to create it, and where it is going.

As Chris and I discussed with Amanda and what we have been talking about for quite a long time, in private conversations with friends, most safe/sane/sexually-free folks can’t seem to get their minds around how so many people have so much to say about how others conduct their sex lives! And what they say is all too often critical.

Come on humans…aren’t we supposed to be evolving?!

It seems to be a rather easy message to get out to the world, that everyone should be able to do what they want to do as long as what they do does not impinge on the freedoms of others. Go figure though, some people seem to always have something to say about how you do what you are doing, especially if the thing you are ‘doing’ is sex.

Thank you so much Amanda, we had such a very good, long talk with you and champion all you do at #open. Here’s hoping to a little more evolving as the years go on.

Listen here to the episode, here: Visit #open here.

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