Adult Site Broker Talk features Ralph Greco, Jr. in its latest episode

I mentioned a few blogs back that the wonderful Bruce Friedman of Adult Site Broker had been kind enough to have me on his podcast, Adult Site Broker Talk. That show is ‘up’ now and Bruce was kind enough to send our press releases about it; see one here, at XBIZ.

Connecting with me from his home city of Pattaya, Thailand (man, this interweb thingie the kids are on is truly amazing, huh?) Bruce and I jawed a good hour or so about ‘the biz’ of the adult business while he kept nudging the conversation around to yours truly. Man, was I ever flattered!

As Bruce says here and here in his P.R. released about the show with me: “Talking to Ralph was very interesting. He’s been in our business for a long time and has had some interesting experiences”.

I am only glad I could be such an interesting guest. Conversely though, unless the interviewer is on the ball, cares about his or her subject, and is interesting themselves, one could have the most incredible guest sitting across from them, and the interview will be a bust. It takes an exceptional talent to draw people into your confidence, get them speaking about themselves (something I am not comfortable AT ALL doing), and still create an exchange that people will want to listen to.

Bruce did this with me and continues to this with all the guests he has on his podcast.

Bruce’s Adult Site Broker brokers websites and companies in the adult space, helping sellers and buyers get together to work out equitable deals. They also just started an affiliate program, ASB Cash, . For more information, to find out how to sell or buy a website, to join their affiliate program, or just to  get yourself into the business with people who care about the business and will equally care about your needs, you can contact or E-mail Bruce@

Thank you so much, Bruce, for having me on your show.

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