The 6th International Congress On Love & Sex With Robots

Sex with robots, I’ll give ya. Love though…mmm, I’m not so sure. But the 6th International Congress On Love & Sex With Robots is determined to set us all straight.

Happening across Zoom, from 8/18-20th this summer; the conference features Dr. Justin R. Garcia, Dr. Markie L.C. Twist, Dr. Lara Karaian and Robosexual, iDollator, and Advocate for artificial humans, Dovecat as keynote speakers.

Indeed, not your everyday pipefitters convention or even close to the kink get-togethers Chris and I have taught at (and God please, let the kink conventions start again, I need to see my buddy as we give instructions on tit torture, writing smut and how the ancient art of cupping can add so much fun to one’s sex life), this meeting-up, created by David Levy, with Professor Adrian Cheok, in 2014, represents an interest I did not know existed. Well…ok…I guess I assumed it did, as much from reading all the sci-fi I have and seeing the recent rise of A.I. But I had no idea whole conferences were occurring that explored the idea of Sex, let alone, Love with robots, in what seems to be a true academic manner.

As should be expected from what you hear Chris and I expound upon on the show (which you can hear here, here and here, to name just a few places) and seeing as we are as much erotica writers as we are fantasists writing across the genres of science-fiction, fantasy, and horror, the sexual interplay between aliens, humans and aliens, humans and synthetic beings and just sex between artificial beings, is certainly something we’d condone, just as long as all parties consent.

Which is pretty much always our rule. I know, we’re silly that way.

And as we all know, what is one day just the wild imaginings of science fiction and fantasy often comes to be the reality we live. So sex, and maybe indeed even love with robots, maybe not be something that’s coming, as much as it is here, right now.

If you are interested in this topic or just want to have a look-see on the conference’s website, please go here to check them out: LSR 2021.

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