Say Hi To House of Denial and a Ralph Greco, Jr. story there

Paraphrasing the good bard, Chris and I always say: “There are more kinks in heaven and Earth, Horatio,/Than are evert dreamt of in your wildest imaginings.” And one of these kinks a good amount of folks ‘think up’ and enjoy is chastity.

Denied orgasm, sex, a tickle for long periods or as a lifestyle, whether inflicted on sub by dom (although, remember, as Chris and I tell you all the time, the dom doesn’t inflict anything on the sub the sub does not want, or at least that’s the way it’s supposed to work in a healthy consensual power exchange) or someone locking themselves down of their own accord, can take on all manner of styles, employ a whole bunch of technologies, and be aided by a litany of really cool, nasty devices.

A great place to buy those chastity devices (for males) is the wonderful House of Denial online store.

What can also be found at this UK-based retailer that invites folks to “experience the pleasure of denial” is fiction, namely, a short story (one of a bunch I hope to write for these wonderful folks) from me: (see here). I want to thank Mistress K and D, the founders and owners of House of Denial, for posting my story and welcoming more.

I hope for a long fruitful, fun relationship with them.

For those who have tipped a toe (although it’s usually some other body part) into chastity or play with it regularly, folks often find very expensive cages and belts. But Mistress K and D work very hard to bring consumers well-tested, safe products at affordable prices. They also provide an open forum for shoppers to send queries and questions, and they love to hear feedback on their products and the way people are coming to play with them.

They’ll also post pictures of people using their products.

From metal chastity devices, plastic and silicone cock cages to the futuristic ‘cellmate’ line of cages and “trainers,” all a man needs for wrestling the best part of him into submission can be found at House of Denial.

You can now follow Mistress K on Twitter, where she posts Her chastity art and links to any reviews that she writes for the House of Denial blog on Twitter@MistressKHoD. And go to their Twitter account Twitter@houseofdenial.  When you drop by, tell Mistress K and D we sent you.

And be sure to ‘drop by’ our podcast, here, here and here.

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