Licking The Globe

Occasionally our producer will email or call Chris and me, with updates of where our naughty podcast is being downloaded. Or he checks in with an “Um, you and Chris need to get on Twitter and check the retweets, or say hi to this or that person who has been saying such nice things.” Chris and I are consistently amazed by all the good wishes, retweets, and where the show is being heard.

Hear it here and here and here.

Take, for instance, what’s been happening to Licking Non-Vanilla in Ireland lately. The ‘metrics,’—the fancy word they use for all that calculating of digital numbers, etc.—has been a’booming! In one week, and for no reason any of us down at LNV headquarters (located in an acre-long white brick building on the shore of Lake Mead surrounded by a 24-hour guard in helicopters and ATV’s…well you get the picture) can determine, our numbers jumped higher in Ireland than they ever have in any country…even the good old U.S. of A where we record our humble little sex show. We hadn’t ever been present in Ireland until recently and we are performing unbelievably there now, ever since episode #15 (that was where we spoke to Sarah Sloan of #open). 

India, a country we already had a presence in, by a certain small but steady margin, popped upwards in their downloads just recently as well.

We thank everybody who is listening.

And lastly, Miss Mae Ling, one of two guests we had on our most recent episode (you can find her here and here), #16, has been so wonderful to us. Beyond giving so deeply of herself on the show, she advertised her appearance on our most episode #16, getting us press on: XBIZ, AVN, THE PORN DEN, and XCRITIC.

Thank you dear, sweet, Miss Mae Ling.

And thank you to everybody listening, from wherever you are.

Now, suppose you happen to be living and listening in Ireland or India, or any other place. Or are a fan of friend of Miss Mae Ling or a reader of XBIZ/AVN etc. Or just want to stop in over Twitter. Well, I hope you know that Chris and I, our producers, and all of us at the LNV headquarters (located in an acre-long white brick building on the shore of Lake Mead surrounded by a 24-hour guard in helicopters and ATV’s…well you get the picture) would love to hear from you. You can write us at or find us on Twitter @Licking NonVanilla. We want to know what we are doing right (if you think we are doing anything right at all) or even wrong. And we really want to connect with our listeners, beyond just providing what we hope you will consistently find, interesting, naughty, informative, sex-positive talk.

Truly, thank you all…Chris and Ralph.

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Licking Non-Vanilla is a podcast and blog about kink, sexual mores and writing dirty words. Grab a cup of hot cocoa, pull up your favorite easy chair and sail into the dark, sweet waters of all things naughty... on Licking Non-Vanilla, with your hosts Ralph Greco, Jr. and M.Christian.

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