Bella Throne, Corona and the Healing Power of Dominance and Submission: Episode #16

I gave you a head’s-up in one of my most recent blogs that Chris and I would be exploring the recent Bella Thorne controversy with the OnlyFans…and we do in our new episode (number 16) with Chloe. Chloe is a pro stripper, dom, sex industry expert and podcast host from London who got in touch via this Interweb thingie all the kids are using today, wanting to explore with us what happened recently with B.T. and how it affects the world of women and men attempting to ply their ways in a sex-positive way.

(You’ll have to listen to the episode…here, here or here) to get the skinny, and learn so much more about super sexy/smart/and articulate Chloe. You can find her here: INSTAGRAM- and on TWITTER@podcaststripper.

What a wonderful lady and an equally great convo!

On the same show (yeah, we do keep them jampacked, huge-cock-bulging for you, don’t we?), we spoke with dominatrix Miss Mae Ling. Mae gave us a very good lesson on what’s happening presently in her world, her background, how she does the work she does, and turned something that could have certainly left her down-and-out from life into enriching and empowering work that betters her life and others.

What a refreshing perspective from a smart, sexy, and matter-of-fact lady, so giving with her time.

Miss Mae can be found on INSTAGRAM@adorabledomme, her website, and on Twitter@missmaeling

As Chris and I keep saying on the show and even when we are alone just gabbing about life, we have had such wonderful guests on the show; we want to have each one back. Maybe we are unusually lucky, or just only the very best of the best want to come on our show (or maybe we just happen to know the very best people around). Whatever the reason, those shows where we interview folks happen to be fantastic nuggets of Licking Non-Vanilla.

We think you’ll agree #16 is pretty much aces.

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