Sexy, Strong, Talented…Diana Rigg

A couple of years ago, Chris and I were in Las Vegas attending the Sin In The City kink convention, as we had a few years in a row by that point. I think for this particular weekend, we were presenting a Tit Torture and a Cupping class but were much more interested (as we always are) in just hanging out with one another. As we do when we get together (and as you have undoubtedly heard us on the podcast, and if you go here, or here you can hear the podcast), we got to talking about T.V. and movies. Chris began to tell me about the “A Touch Of Brimstone” episode from The Avengers T.V. show (see a fantastic clip of it here).

I got to thinking about that show, and all things Diana Rigg, who played the iconic, sexy and certainly fetish-y dressed Emma Peel on the show when I heard that Rigg had died this week at the age of 82

Man, was this lady a saucy minx! The leather catsuits she wore, the karate-chopping, sporting miniskirts later on the in series before they were 60’s fashionable, Rigg’s Peel was a wet dream to so many even when many weren’t so sure that that dream they were having was ‘normal.’ What I didn’t know though, researching for this blog and a few others I wrote this week about the lady (see here), was that beyond being unafraid to show off her fantastic body Rigg also birthed quite a controversy fighting for an increase in her salary on that show. Earning £90 per week for The Avengers at first, Rigg found out one of the show’s cameraman was earning £120. The lady went to show’s producers and fought for the gender pay inequity at a time that no woman would ever dare do so, and her salary was doubled. Nobody supporter her (not that an actress indeed could), and newspapers branded her ungrateful at the time. 

How’s that for a lady who kicks ass on screen and off?!

Appearing in tons of films, T.V., and stage appearances after The Avengers, winning Tony, Emmy awards, and being titled a Dame, Rigg’s enjoyed even more fame later in life playing playing “Olenna Tyrell” in Game of Thrones

But let’s not forget how sexy and strong the lady was. And how kinky that “A Touch Of Brimstone” episode was…hell, how so much of what Rigg brought to the show just dripped of good old fashioned, naughty empowerment.

RIP, Diana Rigg.

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